‘After The Lockouts’ Teaser: Paul G Roberts

The latest teaser from ‘After The Lockouts’ has emerged, featuring curator and director Paul G Roberts. 

Fuelled by his outrage over the destruction of Sydney’s nightlife by the 2014 lockout laws, Roberts set about writing and directing the highly topical documentary ‘After The Lockouts: The Search for Sydney’s Missing Nightlife’.

Having owned his own nightclub ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ in Melbourne, Roberts has had a love affair with nightlife since his youth. He laments, ‘the older one gets, it’s easy to forget how important going out was when you were young’ – and yet whilst Roberts may not trek the Golden Mile every weekend, his passion for reviving the once-bustling Sydney social scene is unparalleled.

‘From my personal experience, the night should be a safe place where creative people can meet other creative people, share ideas, network. Free from violence or intrusion of the state. There people can express themselves in music, fashion, dance, and self develop. They can make friends, discover their sexual orientation, meet a future partner, maybe even fall in love. In the great school of life there is no greater teacher than socialising.’

Roberts is confident that his documentary provides unequivocal evidence that Sydney would best benefit from a 24-Hour City model, with a vibrant night time economy being protected and supported on par with the tourism industry.

See the teaser below, and head to After The Lockouts for all updates on the film and campaign.