Instagram Stars: Spotlight On Artist Andhika Muksin’s Disney Realism

If you are a fan of Disney (most of you) and you are yet to discover the work of artist Andhika Muksin then tune in immediately! With a loyal 60.3 K followers and counting, this rising Instagram star has a captive audience awaiting to see their beloved animations come to life – literally.

Source: @andhikamuksin

There is little known about this softly spoken artist. Though he has been posting for several years, his International recognition came off the back of his latest work, which incorporated the heads of Disney characters onto random images from the catwalk, the street and even cult films like Pretty Woman.

Pop-art captivates a broader public, because it uses images that everyone can recognise and turns them on their head – in this case, literally.  People can see the humour of transporting childhood fantasy into the mundane real world and at the same time relate to it more for that very transition.

Working as a 9 to 5 graphic designer in Jakarta, Muksin used the skills of his trade to create Photoshop magic and harness the Disney effect. Like myself, he grew up on Disney films and became familiar with the archetypes – heroines, villains, damsels and lost princes set amidst the familiar story arcs. As an adult he was still drawn to these worlds but not for nostalgic purposes; rather, as an adult he could see dimensions usually lost on a child. The beauty of a Disney film is that it appeals to all ages and this appeal is what ensures its longevity across the decades. Muksin explains:

“As I grew older I don’t dismiss them (the characters) as a  remnant of my childhood. But they sort of grow with me. So when ever I see Disney Movies, the older ones.  I start to have these new perspectives on them”.

With the magic of Photoshop and some serious skills, Muksin has added a level of realism to Walt’s characters that blur the line between fantasy and reality. Photoshop and Animation have a lot in common, they both allow for impossible and the imagined to be seen. For Muksin, his art allows him a creative outlet free of guidelines and rules imposed by the commercial world. But ironically, his passion for pop-culture could prove economically opportunistic, with a rising public profile and pursuant collaborators Muksin could make quite a living from his passion.

What he’s managed to do is tap into one of the world’s largest fan bases, by offering them new imagery and  new perspectives on their interest. For those looking to make their mark Muksin uses these words of encouragement:

“find your own style. That’s really essential. Keep searching for it”.

For Muksin, this is absolutely true – his signature imagery is easily identifiable as much for the Disney Elements as for the lack of it. This is one Instagram Star that will live happily ever after.

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