HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 Trailer Looks Hot As Hell

Fans of literature and Black Panther are going mental over HBO’s new TV-movie Fahrenheit 451. Now that the first trailer’s officially dropped, things are getting hotter…

Image credit: HBO

Right now HBO is the leading name in genre TV. From the epic fantasy of Game of Thrones to the stylish gangster territory of Boardwalk Empire HBO can literally do no wrong, making rich and exciting shows that take television away from the shallow sitcom or clichéd drama and into the uncharted wilds of big-budget TV blockbusters.

The latest project to come from HBO is sure to excite a whole bunch of different audiences: literature fans, dystopia-flick fans, Black Panther fans, you name it. It’s a TV movie adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451! Set in a dystopian society where books have been outlawed, the film’s protagonist is Guy Montag a fireman whose job it is to burn all books –and the concepts, ideas, and knowledge they contain. Unwavering in his duty, his attitude changes when he meets a rebellious girl and he begins to question his actions and rebel against society. Sounds awesome right? From the synopsis alone we’ve got vibes of 1984, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Bladerunner for the movie fans), and V For Vendetta going on – and I love it!

As if this were not enough, the first official trailer for the film has dropped starring a dramatic Michael B. Jordan in all his gloriousness. Anyone who loved him as the villain in Black Panther is sure to feel the heat watching this trailer that’s filled with scene snippets of him being all serious and smouldering as he lays on the macho bravado in a nice thick layer.

Alongside Jordan is Michael Shannon as Montag’s crazy superior Captain Beatty –a character reminiscent of such other insane power junkies as Woody Harrelson’s Colonel in War for the Planet of the Apes or John Hurt’s Chancellor Sutler in V For Vendetta. If Shannon’s performance in The Shape of Water is anything to go on then he’s going to be fantastic in this!

This is just a taste of the dystopian treat that Fahrenheit 451 promises to be. If the rest of the movie is as exciting and kick-ass, then we’d best watch it with a water jug handy because it’s going to be HOT!

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