Online Mega Brands Google, Tinder and Vodafone Join In The Fun of Our Physical World

Big Brands from the Virtual world of screens and devices have usually kept themselves happy and content with a life in cyberspace, but it looks like things are changing. This weekend in Sydney, power digital brands Google, Tinder and Vodafone are busting out and joining in on the Sydney Mardi Gras festivities in a big way.

Image credit: Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

Both Google and Tinder are stepping out to sponsor the 40th anniversary of Sydney’s Mardi gras parade.

Google, a regular sponsor of global Mardi gras festivals is this year investing an incredible $80,000 towards over 30 floats in a bid to allow individuals, community groups and non-for-profits spread their message of love and acceptance in the traditional Mardi gras parade fashion. At the same time both Tinder and Vodafone are including their own individual floats and interactive spaces throughout the parade and festivities, all in the name of their commitment to the community around the world and all efforts to celebrate diversity and embrace equality for everyone.

This years Mardi gras festival in Sydney is the most important since its inception in 1978 as it is the first whereby those that parade down Oxford Street have the legal right to marriage, equal to every other citizen in Australia. It is a momentous occasion and by every indication will be a weekend that will not likely be forgotten by the hundreds of thousands expected to be in attendance.

The Festival as always is sure to provide an eruption of colour, passion, weirdness and fun that has persuaded the two online giants Google and Tinder to step out from behind their screens and come party with the rest of us.

See you at Mardi Gras, this weekend!