Stepping into the Ring with Michèle Lamy

Style queen Michèle Lamy is a woman of many things; listing herself as a producer, designer, musician and creative. 

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Michèle is also the wife, muse and creative mind behind fashion designer Rick Owens. Her latest venture is curating a space at Selfridges London, one of the high-end department stores in England. She is currently collaborating with New York’s Overthrow Boxing Club on pop-up project launching a boxing-themed installation located in the store’s Corner Shop space.

The creative space combines Lamy on her two passions boxing and art. “I’ve always loved boxing,” says Lamy.

“The idea of the underdog and a code of rules. That you learn to concentrate and look someone in the eye. You fight, but you follow the rules. I think in today’s political climate you can see it as a metaphor. It’s a sport for women, for every weight, race, gender and background.”

The exhibition is a throwback to New York City’s Overthrow Boxing Club, which has the trademark slogan: “What are you fighting for?” Lamy modifies the statement and asks: “What are we fighting for?”

“Boxing is a great metaphor for life,” says Lamy.

“More than a sport, it’s a state of mind. Once up in the ring, losing the robe, almost naked, you bare your soul and mind and start the encounter of four fists and two heads in an uncertain outcome. The rage to live throws its thunders in the fight. It’s a noble art.”

Image credit: LamyLand at Selfridges, The Corner Shop London featured in

Labelled ‘Lamyland’, the exhibition comprises of two parts. Part one showcases collections of boxing equipment from the likes of Versace, Off-White, Stephen Jones, Nike and from Lamy’s husband. The collection includes boxing equipment and activewear, art, jewellery and fragrances.

The second part sees a space inside Selfridges transformed into a fully functioning boxing gym. Also features an open training schedule, workshops and events hosted by Lamy and her friends and collaborators.

The conceptual art consists of a boxing ring; punching-bags decorated by designers Gareth Pugh and Craig Green, and the artist Korakrit Arunanondchai sway gently in the store windows. Scarlett Rouge, Lamy’s daughter with the artist Richard Newton, rather boldly painted two bags as sides of meat (seen above).

Versace and Off-White created an exclusive boxing kit which hangs next to gear by Everlast and the Overthrow, Lamy’s favourite New York gym.

The Lamyland pop-up at Selfridges London will run until March 25.