Alessandro Michele’s Mammoth Gucci Show at Milan FW

Designer Alessandro Michele featured his latest line at his fall show for Gucci. And we love it!

Photo Credit: Pietro D’aprano—Getty Images

Titled as “Cyborg” the quirky fashion collection is a representation of the “post-human” world we live in and a metaphor for how people today construct their identities. “We are the Dr Frankenstein of our lives,” said Michele in an interview with Vogue.

“There’s a clinical clarity about what I am doing. I was thinking of a space that represents the creative act. I wanted to represent the lab I have in my head. It’s physical work, like a surgeon’s.”

Praised by critics as a mesmerising display, the models wore balaclavas and headdress/masks, and a mix of prints influenced by cultures around the world to contribute to the pan-global, futuristic feel.

The showcase also consisted of models cradling reptiles, such as a snake or a chameleon, and a baby dragon. The dragon was inspired by “‘Legend of the baby dragon in the jar,’ the true story of an author who staged the discovery of a baby dragon in his garage in Oxfordshire, England.

Photo Credit: Venturelli/WireImage

Another memorable moment of the show featured models appearing on the runway with lifelike replicas of their own heads tucked under their arms. To create unique and stunning replicas, Michele collaborated with Makinarium, a Rome-based factory of techno-artisans who make bespoke special and visual effects. From Cinecittà, where they have their atelier, they’ve worked with Ridley Scott, Vlad Marsavin, Danny Boyle, and Ben Stiller.

“Alessandro reached out to us unexpectedly—we didn’t know each other,” said Leonardo Cruciano, who founded the collective with Nicola Sganga and Angelo Poggi. “He had very precise ideas about what he wanted to achieve. It was a great collaboration; he’s a true artist, with a real passion, a fantasy so intense and inspiring it pushes you forward.”

Constructing the replicas was painstaking and it took six months to bring these pieces to life. Makinarium worked with a range of media, from moulds of the actual models’ heads to 3-D prints and scans.

Since his appointment as creative director of Gucci in 2015, Michele’s unique style has launched the label into a new age and will continue to rule for another season

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