Black Is Still The New Black! Then And Now, Why Black Is Still Everyone’s Favourite Shade

With its flattering powers and versatility, black is irrefutably still the new black. Black clothing is still very relevant, and there’s no questioning that our favourite shade will always be a wardrobe staple for any casual or dressy occasion. Then and now, the befitting shade of black can be seen throughout the decades; dominating new and historical fashion trends. 

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Black dye was an expensive trade. The opulent shade was worn only by people of wealth, royals, priests or judges, but has since made strides in the realm of contemporary fashion. Traditional uses of black clothing were used to portray the expression of mourning. But black garments first took over the fashion world in the early 1920’s with the trend of the ‘little black dress’.

The emergence of the little black dress is widely considered to have been aroused by Coco Chanel. This trend allowed black garments to be seen as elegant and sophisticated, becoming the most versatile pieces of clothing in a women’s wardrobe. The trend was swiftly perpetuated with glamorous celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, and other famous icons seen wearing the new look. Still, to this day, the little black dress is an essential closet item for any type of occasion.


Yesterday marked the end of the New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. While seasoned and new designers strived to create new and modern looks with a myriad of prints, patterns and bright colours, our favourite celebrities and models stuck to the trope; all adorned in our beloved sartorial shade.

Seemingly attuned to our inner musings of ‘how much black is too much black?’, celebrities have recently taken to flaunting new and exciting ways in which we can step out in head-to-toe funereal dress on the daily. Leathers, sequins, accessories, you name it… black will never be boring! With new and modern designs, an all-black outfit has changed significantly since the simple yet chic LBD. Popular shapes and silhouettes in fashion have evolved; using contemporary textiles, and favouring less conservative cuts and styles.

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Proving black isn’t merely a tool of elegance, the not-so-basic shade was elected by the ‘Time’s Up’  Campaign for it’s serious yet democratic look. The red carpets of the 2018 SAG Awards and Golden Globes were awash with inky garments in support of the campaign tackling violence, sexual harassment and inequality issues in the workplace. The encouragement to wear black was to show the unity and power against these acts, hoping change can be made.

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From its efficacious slimming powers, to dressing the bold figures of a powerful alliance – black is so deeply rooted in the fashion zeitgeist that it’s unlikely to ever fall from grace. As they say, once you go black…

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