Ocean Alley Have Released A New Album, Baby!

‘It’s all about confidence, baby!’ Ocean Alley have just dropped a bomb of an album that showcases their varietal sounds in leaps and bounds. The lads’ second album goes by the catchy Italian name ‘Chiaroscuro’, which is an art related term… a rather befitting name for this aural masterpiece!

Image credit: metrolyrics

Where, oh where did Sticky Fingers go? Is it possible that they got more surfy, honed their sound a little and reincarnated as Sydney’s Northern Beaches band Ocean Alley? The six man band that formed in a backyard shed have produced one of the best Aussie albums of the year thus far (in my humble opinion).

This… folks, is exactly what the music scene in Australia has so long been begging for; a wailing, psych-rock/reggae fusion between Sticky Fingers and Tash Sultana, who (speaking of) they toured with last year. They’ve been kicking around the scene since 2011, however this collection of tunes sounds like their true blue burst on to Aussie radio and beyond.

The lads are set to load up the tour van in early April to front some shows on home soil, before heading to the US and Canada til the mid-point of this year. Click here to see the full list of dates.

In the meantime, I’ve got a three of my favourite tunes off the new album for you to have a listen to:


How can you not swing your hips in all sorts of motions when you hear this sort of funk-a-rama? In its entirety it’s a clever collation of what the band does best: Wa-wa pedals, wailing vocals and guitar solos.

The Comedown

It’s no question as to why this slow burning banger came in at #48 in triple j’s hottest 100. I’ve had it on repeat since its release; the first single to drop from the new album ‘Chiaroscuro’. Whether you’re pre drinking and keen for a sing-along, or crying alongside a glass of wine in the bath, it’s fitting for all occasions.

Happy Sad

“Finally, one that we haven’t heard before…”

I get it, how original to mention the two singles that have been out for months prior to the release of the album. I’m sorry, but the two of them are too good not to mention. THIS, however, is an absolute gem. Channeling their inner Tame Impala, the band have pieced together an echo-laden lip-licker.

Tell us if you have an alternative favourite in the comments section below!