Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Back and Better Than Ever!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back and better than ever, returning from its mid-season (and perhaps last season :/) break today. The newest episode, Safe House picks up where we left off, with Captain Holt’s husband Kevin put in harm’s way, as a potential target of Irish mobster Seamus Murphy.  In order to protect the station’s ‘dads’- according to Amy anyway – the team does what it does best- donning disguises and executing heists with exact precision, all while bonding during Kevin’s house arrest.

Season 5 Episode 12: Safe House | Image credit: John P Fleenor/ FOX

Actress Stephanie Diaz, who plays Rosa Diaz, told Fox News that this season will bring about Jake and Amy’s much-anticipated wedding. The new season also brings us a bunch of celebrity cameos, including Craig Robertson who will reprise his role of Doug Judy, as well as new faces like David Fumero, husband of Melissa Fumero who plays detective Amy Santiago, and Gina Rodriguez, who is rumoured to play Detective Diaz’s new girlfriend after coming out as bi in the last few episodes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine may not currently be doing so well in the ratings, only averaging about 1.7 million viewers a week, but it certainly has a cult following (including all of us in the FIB office!). The show tackles serious issues in a wholesome way, not sacrificing comedy for brevity or vice versa. Although the characters may hit a rough patch with each other at times, they resolve it so neatly and sincerely that you wish to be inserted into the show and live life as a detective of the 99th precinct.

With Olympians Red Gerard still managing to win a gold medal after sleeping in (due to a binge-sesh of the show) and Mirai Nagasu, the first American woman to land a triple Axel at a team event, also singing the show’s praises, you can tell it’s a quality show with the Olympic stamp of approval!

You can catch the newest episode on SBS On Demand in Australia and on in America.

Me watching B99 | Image: Fox

Do you love Brooklyn Nine-Nine as much as we do? You can cry over the injustice of it not being renewed with this list of reasons why exactly it should go on forever. Comment below!