Start DREAMing of the future

After a 15 year pause on album recording, the long wait is finally over. Just a couple of weeks ago Daniel Johns and Luke Steele released their first single ‘No one Defeats US’.  But we can expect much more from the Australian band when they debut as “Dreams” in the Coachella Festival from the 13th of April to the 22nd of April.

Luke Steele, Daniel Johns, Silverchair, The Empire of the Sun, Music, Coachella
Daniel Johns (left hand-side) and Luke Steele (right hand-side). Image credit: Faster Louder

It all started back in 2003, when Sleepy Jackson began supporting Daniel John’s former band Silverchair. The friendship between Luke and Daniel clicked instantly and they started jamming backstage. It wasn’t until 2008 that they actually started composing music together. Both artists have been active during that period of time; Luke Steele just released a new EP with his band The Empire of the Sun this past November, and meanwhile Daniel Johns has worked with the Australian project What So Not on the single ‘If You Only Knew’.

Coachella 2018, Music Festival, The empire of the sun
Image credit: Coachella

“We’ve just been working on our record and it just sounds like the future”. With this sentence Luke Steele sums up his new collaboration with Daniel Johns which has only just been revealed as ‘Dreams’, because these Aussie music legends like to keep it mysterious until the very end. Their name appeared on the list of the Coachella Festival in January and left everyone wondering who would that mysterious band be? 2 weeks ago their single release No One Defeats Us spilled the beans. Their presence in the Coachella Festival will be the highest profile Australian act, followed by Tash Sultana, the young Singer Songwriter from Melbourne who is taking the world by storm.

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