Your Ultimate Guide To The Next Biggest Trends

Are we sad about the looming end of warm weather? Absolutely not. Four solid weeks of street style championing full winter looks has made us all nostalgic for the cooler Aussie months.

Maybe the best thing about living in Australia (ok maybe not the best thing) is that we don’t have to wait six months to copy the fashion week findings we’ve been drooling over for the past month.

So without further ado, welcome to the new season, as predicted by the 100%-reliable crystal ball known as fashion month.

Tiger Print

Tiger print came along and knocked leopard print off the top spot for the best non-neutral neutral. Specifically speaking, tiger coats were a standout component, as seen at Missoni, Bottega Veneta, Proenza Schouler and Ashley Williams.

Coloured Tights

Not to be all Blair Waldorf circa 2007, but tights of the rainbow variety paired with equally colourful coats is a ‘thing’ now. More muted offerings were spotted on Dolce & Gabbana, and Jaquemus, and street style stars pounded the pavement in deeper hues from mustard yellow to royal blue (both big colours for this season). But if you want to go full tea-party, do like Saks Potts and team a 50’s fur-trimmed overcoat with sherbet coloured tights.

Kindergarten Hair

The scrunchie comeback has gained so much momentum that Instagram-popular brands are making silk versions we are redirecting our rent payments for. Puffy headbands, bows and barrettes are now back too, and this time around we can put them in ourselves… Novelty clips never looked so good.


Inclement weather is usually a recipe for fashion disaster, but street style stars dealt with one of the coldest fashion months in recent memory with a double (sometimes triple) dose of PVC. Plastic bucket hats and boots straight from Chanel’s Spring 2018 collection were a street style favourite and clear plastic trenches provided the stylish answer to staying dry and still showing off your outfit underneath.

Colourful Plaid

Plaid for Autumn? On a fashion website? Goodness haven’t we become predictable… Not to be outdone by statement tights though, plaid got a rainbow makeover and came over all green, and yellow, and red.

Huge Sleeves

Gucci Fashion Week Autumn 2018. Photo credit: Marcus Tondo /

Now we mean HUGE, the kind that might knock out your neighbour if you won the bingo. Think 80’s style blouses in shiny jewel tones – tuck those into high-waisted denim, add a puffy headband and you’ll be all sorts of Lady Di.

Shiny things

Australian photographer and producer Margaret Zhang shows us how its done outside Sies Marjan SS18 Credit: NOWFASHIONCredit: NOWFASHION

Like a bunch of magpies, the fashion week crowd flocked to everything shimmery, sparkly and iridescent. Which isn’t all that surprising considering glitter fatigue is a real thing, but we all must still get our shiny fix.

Are you as excited as our fashion team about the looming winter? Let us know your favourite trend below!