How 2018 Weddings Are Ready To Wear And Ready To Go

The yellow jumpsuit Social Media Influencer Emily Ratajkowski wore to her low-key courthouse wedding last month set Instagram alight and saw an increase in searches for Bridal Jumpsuits. Zara recently launched that same blazer online so Australian brides can get in on the trend. Weddings, even the upcoming Royal nuptial between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, are no longer boxed in to that old ‘Princess’ mindset. Outsourcing, digitsing and dressing down are the new hallmarks of a modern bride/groom. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect!

emily ratajkowski yellow suit wedding
Source: Instagram @emrata
emily ratajkowski yellow suit wedding zara
Source: Zara Online

It’s no surprise Weddings are big business. According to Wedded Wonderland, a 2018 study revealed that the average cost of an Australian Wedding sits just over $50,000, up 5% from last year alone. Add to that the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia, and what you have is a saturated marketplace looking for ways to standout from each other. In the lead up to marriage equality, the Huffington Post reported:

“[The night after the postal plebiscite, Google searches for the phrase ‘wedding planner’ jumped up more than five times its usual level. Searches for ‘wedding’ and ‘wedding ring’ also rose.] [With experts saying that an extra $1 billion could be spent on marriages in the next few years.]”

In 2018 we can expect to see a revolution of the industry that goes hand in hand with the technology boom. Bridebook has put together a list of the top ten tech trends predicted to influence the UK Bridal scene. Everything from covert GoPros added into bouquets, to upgrades on the traditional paper invite, with pixels that allow guests to scan a barcode with their smart phone and RSVP online. Whilst technology makes it easier for couples to automise their event, many are still outsourcing for services with the human touch.

Kerstyn Walsh Source: LinkedIn

“I know, “special day” is so cliche, but what better way is there to describe a day so significant in one’s life?…
I had the ultimate pleasure of standing by Kirstie’s side as she married the laid-back larrikin of her Australian dreams…
I will never forget the first time we saw Kirstie in her dress- we were at the gown shop and it was the third one she’d tried on. We all became teary as she said “I think this is it”.
– Kerstyn Walsh

If you think these sound like the words of a devoted bridesmaid you’d be right, however Kerstyn Walsh is no average bridesmaid. She is the founder of MC and Bridesmaid, an elegant solution to bridesmaid politics and the minefield that goes into planning the events leading up to the big day. Wedding planners are no longer standing in the wings, rather more likely to be “camouflaged” into the guest list. Essentially they have evolved into hand-holders for the big day, as your MC, the flavored guest, the bridesmaid or if need be your bathroom attendant for those awkward moments.

Companies like Walsh’s marry coordination and friendship without the strings. People are opting out of the stress of familiarity for professional tidiness. Weddings are an emotional time, heightening the expectations on those closest to you, essentially setting one up for disappointment. So it’s easy to see why hiring a non-friend to be your bridesmaid has become common practice, and the key to a tailored and smooth experience. In line with this, Lyst has released a 2018 Wedding Trend Report that observes:

“Brides are breaking from tradition in a year of female empowerment”

meghan markle un women j carrier
Meghan Markle Source: UN Women / J Carrier

2017 was a powerful year for female advancement. Although it came from a place of adversity (as does most change) there is a lot of positive influence from the Times Up and #MeToo movements to speak up, shake up and do what feels right for you as a woman – bride or not. With Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry around the corner, we are seeing this effect both on fashion and liberation from tradition, with The Sunday Times reporting the former Suits star will give a touching “tribute” at the reception at odds with Royal formalities.

meghan markle engagement photos ralph and russo
Source: Fashion Sizzle / Ralph & Russo

As for the impact on fashion, online retailers are also seeing a rise of the ‘Meghan Effect’ similar to that of the ‘Kate (Middleton) Effect’, where public demand for their wardrobe propelled sales astronomically. Lyst reported searches for Ralph and Russo are up 82% following the engagement photos revealing Meghan wearing a couture gown from their Fall 2016 collection. In addition, the research also shows woman are looking for alternatives among wedding gowns, sourcing cheaper and more interesting approaches from the high street and ready to wear lines of top designers.

Source: Ralph & Russo RTW

In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, the lauded Australian duo Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo discuss their move into Ready-To-Wear for the SS18 Collections. Famous for their hand-worked couture gowns, the pair have managed to translate their brand of magic into a more accessible price point for a wider audience. Ralph states that an overwhelming public demand was the reason behind the move, whilst her partner Russo sees it as evolution of the brand:

“We’ve achieved everything we want with couture…so this is the next challenge for us. It’s about creating the Ralph and Russo Universe.”

Technology may not be inherently personal, but it does reflect modern life and is designed to alleviate it’s pressures. Likewise, outsourcing allows you to express your ideas to a higher level, not necessarily take them over. Regardless of what you spend or even if you choose to outsource a part or the entirety of your wedding, it is your prerogative. So ready to wear or ready to go – it’s your choice, ladies and gents! Just go for it.

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