Sydney’s Most Innovative Artists Explore the Art Affect at Free Event

Cross-disciplinary artists unite at a one-off event to reveal what socially engaged art practice means and looks like, and how it can affect change.

Pia Van Gelder workshop. Image credit:

Venue 107 Projects, Redfern will host a panel of artists who are set to explore the subversion of social constructs in art and how to affect political change through the collaboration of individuals, communities and institutions.

Devised by the City Library’s youth curators and Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, the event will investigate the growing interest in a socially engaged art practice. Panellists will share examples of their work and open up a conversation with the audience on their aims to implement change within the community through the creation of participatory art.

Led by creative investigator and writer, Natalie Wadwell, the event will establish how to jointly create a successful art project and the process of bringing ideas and projects to life.

Meet the panellists:

Cat Jones: an award winning artist, writer and researcher, known for her socially engaged work and its transformative power.


Open Source DIY installation by Pia Van Gelder. Image credit:

Branch Nebula: creator of politically focused performances that challenge the norms across theatre and dance.

Pia van Gelder: electronic artist and researcher who brings electronic instrument creations to interactive installation contexts and workshops.

George Poonkhin Khut: artist, interaction designer and lecturer at University of New South Wales (Faculty of Art & Design), who works across electronic art, interaction design and arts-in-health.

Work by Branch Nebula. Image Credit: branch

The Venue 107 event is on 1-3pm, Saturday 14 April, 2018, and is suitable for people aged 16-25 years. Bookings are essential, for more click on this link.

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