LOCAL BEAT – APRIL: Arts and Culture

Today we bring you a selection of the best exhibitions, cultural events, and art pieces to check out in the city of Sydney this April.

The Experiment  

The experiment is the newest show from the hands of Jay Katz and Miss Death. A performance series that references multiple streams of art and culture like poetry slam, live music, and films, to explore the deepest modes of self-expression and deliver a night of totally unpredictable and unique entertainment. The event also includes short film screeenings and music clips, thanks to the collaboration of Trasharama, The Found Footage Festival and the Sydney Underground Film Festival, among many others. The Experiment harks back to the era of vaudeville to create the ultimate Avant Garde variety show, and you can enjoy this mysterious offering the first Friday of each month until June at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre. Get your tickets here!


Poetry, technology and acting all come together in this play where four performers try to show if free will still exists in a world dominated by machines and Social Media. The Gamer, the Fighter, the Architect and the Poet make up the four players, and all of them try to control the Game of Life. The event includes electronic music and Slam Poetry to portray the feelings of each player and open space for the debate of whether our thoughts and will are our own, or are dominated by the dark strings of today’s society. The play airs from the 11th-19th April at the Sydney Opera HouseGet your tickets here!

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Trapper play. Image Credit: Sydney Opera House


The circus act that has mesmerised the entire world is now coming to Sydney. This new representation pushes the boundaries of humanity both in a physical and emotional way. Five acrobats take you on a weightless journey filled with beauty and human connection. Following a string of hit international shows, Australia’s hottest circus troupe Casus returns to Sydney, and all of you can enjoy their sensational performance at the Sydney Opera House from 19th-26th April. Get your tickets here!

Astra Howard – Village Voices 

The Southern end of Crown Street has finally been upgraded with all the desired urban facilities, but the neighbors of Surrey Hills also demanded a piece of public art display. The Australian artist, action researcher and performer Astra Howard has been involved with crisis homeless services in the neighborhood. The brave stories that came across her path of volunteering became her source of Inspiration for the resulting street art piece “Village Voices”, which represents the untold stories of the neighborhood of Surry Hills. “Village Voices” is displayed in Wilshire Through Link at South Crown Street, Sydney Australia. Look up more info here!

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The artwork Village Voices by Astra Howard. Image Credit: Astra Howard

Alison’s House by Susan Glaspell

Neglected plays written by marginalised women are being brought into contemporary consciousness, and this is the background of the play Alison’s House. Written by Susan Glaspell, the unconventional story follows Alison Stanhope, a character inspired by prolific 19th century poet Emily Dickinson. Whilst Susan Glaspell was a highly acclaimed and widely known playwright during her era, even awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1931, she drifted into obscurity after her death in 1948. You can watch this moving performance at the Depot Theatre, 4th-21st April. Get your tickets here!

How are you getting cultural during the packed month of April? Leave us a comment below!