FIB Hitlist: The Latest Tracks to Wrap Your Ears Around

Coming to you hot off the release radar, here are some of the latest tunes running tracks around the FIB office.

The Ruminaters Boys Off Work
The Ruminaters. Image source: Happy Mag

Higher – Lily Allen

‘Higher’ is the third single released from Lily Allen’s forthcoming album No Shame. On the podcast News Roast Lily discussed that the album deals with substance abuse, the breakdown of her marriage, and her personal life. As such it marks a departure from the upbeat sounds of 2014’s Sheezus. Lily’s also been working with Mark Ronson, and with the recently released Trigger Bang being a certified banger, I think it’s safe to say that Lily’s back and better than ever. No Shame is set to be released on the 8th of June this year, and will be available wherever you get your music: Spotify, Apple Music, CD.

  Courtney Dutton (Writer)

Church (Party Pupils remix) – Alison Wonderland

Not only has Alison Wonderland been warming us up for the release of her sophomore album Awake by gifting us with Twitter teasers of the entire track list, but she’s also been sharing the sheep out of her ‘Church’ remix package. ‘Church’ dropped way back in February, but the accompanying remix package (now available on Spotify) includes remixes by Naderi, GHOST CHOIR, Hex Cougar and even The Presets.

But we’re all up in Party Pupils flip! The American duo lend a summery touch to the powerful electronic ballad; the bubbly ‘vaporfunk’ has us yearning for balmy nights, and the extended daylight hours that escaped our clutches this weekend past.

Boys Off Work – The Ruminaters

Admittedly, this track is a wee bit on the dated side… But the long-haired lads recently posted the video clip for their ‘f*ck work’ anthem ‘Boys Off Work’, and it’s still stuck in our heads! If you haven’t plugged into The Ruminaters yet, now is your chance to take yourself on a stroll through the whimsical back catalogue of the self-described ‘Psycho Playful Garage Love’ band. Whilst their debut album I Hate The Ruminaters spins a fantastic tale as a whole, if you’re looking to dip a toe in the proverbial pond then I’d recommend checking out ‘Long Hair Is Cooler Than Short Hair’, ‘Squid Kid’ and ‘Deadstuff’.

‘Boys Off Work’ is a drop in the ocean of their latest offering, Welcome to Flight: S.U.N. 91. The boys have returned with a notably more mature contribution to their oeuvre; channeling a bit of Tame Impala-esque psych, and vocals reminiscent of The Strokes.

bitches broken hearts – Billie Eilish

Constantly living in the technology-induced distraction and increasingly unavoidable rat-race of our hopeless society, it’s very rare that a slow beat will entice my ears to prick up. But there is something in the way Billie Eilish layers her melancholic voice over a stripped back beat that stops me dead in my tracks.

It’s honestly quite baffling the amount of emotion that Billie injects into each and every one of her tracks; effortlessly entangling her almost apathetic (for want of a better word) vocals over a slow, bass-laden beat. Even harder to believe she’s only 16!

‘bitches broken hearts’ dropped last November but was only released by Dark Room/Interscope Records on Spotify and Apple last week – so technically it’s still a freshie! Gorge your hungry ears on it below, and be sure to check out ‘&burn (with Vince Staples)’ for more of Billie’s signature bass-laden crooning.

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