Hip-Hop Scene: LIL DICKY is Coming, A$AP Rocky’s CK Collab En Route

The Hip Hop scene is in continual growth and is pounding the Australian coast harder than ever. Rap, breakdancing, and graffiti are the key elements of the notorious urban culture, but nowadays it would feel incomplete without clothing collaborations. LIL DICKY is going to spice up the whole music scene this July, and A$AP Rocky’s last collaboration with Calvin Klein has just reached Aussie soil.

The controversial LIL DICKY will perform in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland this July. The white rapper has defied many stereotypes of the Hip Hop culture: he is an upper-middle-class white kid, making fun of rapping lifestyles. LIL DICKY became famous out of the blue with the song Ex-Boyfriend which recorded a million views in the first 24 hours of being up on YouTube. Now, LIL DICKY is one of the most viral rappers and has collaborated on songs with (pro-boxer) Chris Brown, Fetty Wap, and Snoop Dog, among others. His last song was a collaboration with Chris Brown and it reached 70 million views with his typical parodical approach to (pop) rap.

ASAP Rocky’s new collaboration just reached Australian shores. The New York Rapper won the Man of Style at Men Of The Year in November, and is due to do a multiple collaboration with clothing brands such as Prada, Balenciaga, Guess, Dior and who knows what next. His newest collaboration with Calvin Klein is pure 90’s style. ASAP Rocky is the new face of Calvin Klein Underwear and casual wear, this new collaboration is called #MYCALVINS.

Hip Hop culture is changing and growing in popularity due to multiple collaborations and forms of expression, such as with Lil Dicky. At the same time, although we do believe the expansion of Hip Hop culture is positive for culture as a whole, it would help if the artists created with the same liberty they had before, and not only because of the big “bucks” they receive for it. We are left wondering what former rap legends would think of today’s new commercial lyricists?

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