Arctic Monkeys’ Absurd Track List, And Fleetwood Mac Back On The Charts – A Week In Meme-Worthy Music

In case you’ve been offline this past week, we thought we’d be a darl and recap some of the latest in music news for you. Albeit, music that has made headlines for it’s apparent meme-worthiness – because, it’s 2018 and this unspoken method of social interaction and ranking isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.

Arctic Monkeys Tracklist
Image source: Junkee

First cab off the rank, the perennially popular Fleetwood Mac enjoyed a generous bump up the Billboard charts last week – all thanks to one cleverly-constructed tweet. User @bottledfleet tweeted a meme referencing the dance-ability of the classic rock band’s oeuvre:

As someone who, at the ripe age of five, choreographed and performed a wonderfully tear-jerking (read: laughable) gambol to Fleetwood’s ‘Don’t Stop’ at a very public ballet concert, I steadfastly stand by this tweet!

The meme in question earned over 140,000 likes and close to 340,000 retweets for its efforts. And as a result of the tweet-tastic boost, cult-classic ‘Dreams’ is now nestled comfortably at #14 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart. Funnily enough, it’s not the only track to enjoy a whirlwind climb up the charts thanks to pop culture referencing.

Blonde Redhead‘s ‘For the Damaged Coda’ previously appeared in two episodes of the irreverent sci-fi animation Rick and Morty, both in Seasons 1 and 3 as the theme song for ‘Evil Morty’. A coupla’ weeks back, in true millennial fashion, the track was masterfully wielded as a pretty neat alternative to the Grand Theft Auto ‘Wasted’, and ‘Thug Life’ smack-downs. Naturally, users were quick to produce their own memes using the track – resulting in its re-entrance into the Hot Rock Songs Chart at #16.

Feel free to stuff yourself silly on this platter of ‘For the Damaged Coda’ treats, or simply enjoy my favourite flavour of ice-meme below.

Now, for the meme of the crop! Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys dropped the release date of their sixth album, Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino, over the weekend. Scheduled to drop on May 11th, this record follows their 2013 release AM. It’s been a bloody long time between albums, so fans were naturally pretty stoked by the news! That is, until they spied the track list for the forthcoming record…

Look, to be honest, the track names don’t really sound any ‘oddity’ alarm bells for this long-time Modest Mouse fan. Nevertheless, I am a ‘Sad Sappy Sucker’ for clever memes – and the Monkeys’ track list has certainly set the internet alight. I guffawed my way through the hilarious re-appropriations of the band’s initial post. But my personal fave?

Do you think memes are enriching global conversation, or pose a serious threat to language and the way in which we communicate? Let us know your thoughts!