FIB’s Netflix Top Picks #2

Thousands and thousands of titles make Netflix a complex labyrinth of offerings to navigate. So being the trusty pals we are, the FIB team decided to create a map of treasures in the Netflix goldmine. We’ve personally selected our top picks for Netflix ‘must-watch’ shows, all in the hopes we’ll help kick-start your next TV series addiction. You’re welcome!

Terrace House

Terrace House, is the slow-paced, oddly addictive Japanese reality show that turned into a Netflix sleeper hit around the world. If you’re not familiar with Terrace House: it consists of six, young and single Japanese guests – 3 male and 3 female – who are to live in a house together, get to know each other, and go on dates. When they’ve had enough, they leave and get replaced by someone new! The goings on in the house are forensically examined and commented on by a hilarious panel of ever-present Japanese commentators. Which makes up most of the hilarity, but this program is also a great Japanese culture revealer.

– Paul G Roberts – Director and full-on enthusiast

Black Mirror

Set in the not-too-distant future, Black Mirror comments on the emergence of technology and the haunting consequences it may have on the modern world. Each episode has a standalone storyline where unique characters will use technologic innovations and as a result – reveal their deeper instincts and the darkest of endings. Black Mirror is an obvious pick, but it’s because of its greatness; if you haven’t watched it yet, look at the most obscure possibilities of our most recent future.

  – Toby Castles – Editor and Quiet Achiever

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Chef’s Table

A documentary series about chefs around the world and their unique stories of creating menus, establishing restaurants and becoming 5-star businesses. The imagery is indescribable and is the main reason to keep on watching episode after episode; but there is also a really strong and human message in the show – the love for food. Apart from this, is there anyone in this world that doesn’t enjoy looking at food?

  – Sabine Antigua – Editor and Camera-Whizz

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A delightfully dark yet hilarious show based on a book series I loved as a child. From the director of the Men in Black movies, the series has a very quirky aesthetic, that blends comedy and dark themes together very nicely. I enjoy it because it reminds me of the books I read so many years ago, and it makes me laugh every few seconds and be impressed by the wits of the 3 young Baudelaire’s when facing the criminal acts of Count Olaf. The second season of this TV show only came out last week, so you guys better get started, the path is full of tragic events and the Baudelaire’s need your help!

– Stef Varvaressos-Abdi – Newest Editor on the Block, seconded by the resident Spaniard, Pol!

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Prison break

The main reason why I started watching this TV show is due to how hot Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield) and Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows) are, but now I can’t stop watching thanks to the intriguing plot! I think the topic, the concept and production are super interesting and the show contains interesting critics of our community which are still up to date. Prison Break reminds me of the Enders Game but with the exception that it’s not only focused on cruelty and obscurity, but also contains humour and cynical characters making it all the more easier to watch. Be warned: if you start, you won’t be able to escape – much like a certain inmate in Fox River State Penitentiary.

– Geraldine Nirschl – Production Manager and Go 2 Girl

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Prison Break Season 5 poster. Image credit: Fan Fest

The Get Down

Music history (the rise of Hip-Hop and disco culture in the 1970s) through a fictional account of the people who this music impacted the most: teenagers growing up in an underprivileged community. Great characters and an awesome soundtrack filled with all the classics make this TV show a must watch! Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge) has yet again left his characteristic trademarks of ecstatic colours and amazing sounds all over The Get Down.

  – Sabine Antigua

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Do you guys like our Netflix top picks? Have you watched any? What TV shows do you guys propose? Keep your eyes peeled for Part 3 soon!