George Gorrow: Designer, Hotel Owner and Foodie is Back!

After the crumble of his streetwear company Ksubi back in 2010, George Gorrow disappeared from the map. The entrepreneur quickly reestablished himself in Bali: opening a boutique hotel, and launching a men’s clothing-label ‘The Slow’ with his old buddy Gareth Moody. Now, he’s heading back to Sydney for a culinary event in collaboration with The Dolphin’s classic Aperitivo series. Gorrow is back!

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Image credit: The Slow Hotel

The Slow is a small boutique hotel located in the small surf hood of Canggu in Bali, it has a total of 12 rooms and has been designed for complete relaxation and Zen. The building was designed by ultra-minimalist architect, Rieky J.Sanur, and decorated by Gorrow and Moody who wanted to show their guests their life path through 90 art pieces – from the Garuda of Death Metal by Madsaki, to Chris Searl’s raw photography. The hotel melts into the tropical nature of Bali with the use of multiple autochthonous kinds of wood and sands used to build its structures. Slow jams lilt from a single radio station, Reverberation: a true Sherlock Holmes in finding pop and funk gems, finding the perfect tune for paradise.

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Gareth Moody and George Gorrow. Image credit: Broadsheet

Gorrow and Moody’s menswear label Non-Type is a high-end surf clothing line that syncs perfectly with Bali’s tropical nature power; the Zen of the hotel, and the waves from the surf beach Batu Bolong located only a short walk away.

Non-Type consists of linen suiting, wool trousers, tailored board shorts and leather blazers using high-quality design and all hand-finished products. With half of the collection already snapped up by thirsty consumers, there’s no wonder there is already a waiting list! You can see the entire collection here.

But that’s not all! Gorrow and Moody also have a high-class restaurant led by Shannon Moran, a veteran that has worked with culinary stars the likes of Damien Hirst and David Thompson. And now, the Slow restaurant will drift upon the lands of Australia, taking over the The Dolphin Hotel for one night. The Dolphin Hotel, each Thursday and Sunday, gives consumers the chance to taste the wares of the most renowned Australian chefs and winemakers.

Of course, Gorrow couldn’t stop himself and has set the date on a Friday night for a change; providing guests with the ultimate wine room experience. The event will not only bring delicious food, but also the jams of Reverberation, which are sure to blow everyone’s mind.

The event will happen on 27th April in the Dolphin HotelSurrey HillsFind more information here!

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The Wine Room. Image credit: The Dolphin House

What do you guys think of Gorrow’s comeback? Will we see you at Delfino Aperitivo?