Continuing our curation quest to mine Netflix’s complex labyrinth of offerings, FIB’s expert creative team navigates the best and the brightest so you don’t have to, serving up this week’s top picks. Now all you need to do is click and watch. 

The OA

This sci-fi first series managed to keep me entire nights, it’s so addictive. It is a weird, confusing and super exciting series about a blind girl who disappears and then comes back to her family years later. She tells them the story of what happened in the years when she was gone and it’s not just the fact that the girl appears in her home with the ability to see again, but it’s the way she tells her story. It’s that what really got me hooked on this astonishing tv show!

-Geraldine Nirschl – Film Team leader & Cave visitor and pole dance enthusiast (for fitness)

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Image credit: Den of Geek

The End of the F***ing World

The End of the F***ing World is an awesome new series which explores the journey of self-discovery of a young boy named James and his unique way coming of age in High School. His journey turns into a more twisted serial-killer wanna be where instead of trying to find a girl to become his girlfriend he is trying to find a girl to kill. The girl he finds is Alyssa, a self-destructive teenager who is desperately trying to find the attention she needs. Alyssa brings back all the brutal British humor that we all love and James brings even more weirdness to the story, both teenagers set off on a road trip leaving a crime spree across England. It’s so good, you just can’t look away!

-Alana Dwyer – Videographer & wearer of interesting head accessories, seconded by the resident Spaniard, Pol!

Life at 9

It’s a documentary series based on a longitudinal study of Australian children, which follows 8 children as they grow from ages 0-11. It is incredibly interesting to watch the children do certain tasks from ages such as 1 and 3, while the psychologists make predictions about how the child will succeed and thrive in society as adults. Of course, they are not always right but it’s very insightful for personality traits inherent in humans from birth and how that can affect and determine your life outcomes. If you want to see where they got the idea, check “56 Up”.

-Belle Kerr – Videographer, musician and all around bohemian!

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Life at 9 cast. Image credit: ABC

Lost in Space
I like it because it is surprisingly very engaging. I’ve never seen the original, but this iteration feels very scientifically detailed and grounded with a great amount of realism. All the characters seem fleshed out, and the tension, drama, and chemistry between them feel real, the best part about the show is precisely how humane the characters are. The Robinsons are a normal family with common family problems, it’s just that they happen to be lost in space. Oh, I forgot to mention there are spaceships, giant robots, maniacal criminals and stuff which is also pretty sweet.

-Stefan Varvaressos Abdi – Editor & Hollywood fanatic, seconded by Paul G Roberts enthusiast of the old &new Lost in Space!

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Lost in Space scene. Image credit: Indiewire

This film does an excellent job of taking a charming premise (the well-loved tale of a young child trying to protect a special animal/creature with whom they have a profound bond) and turning it into an intense story about consumerism, animal rights, and corporate greed. Filled with quirky characters and fast-paced chase sequences, you’ll fall deeply in love with the film’s protagonists- the titular Okja and her plucky farmgirl companion- and most likely, that love will get you all the way through to the end of the movie’s more graphic, visceral scenes. Extra fun for The Walking Dead fans who are wondering what Steven Yeun’s up to these days!

-Sabine Antigua – Editor and Camera-Whizz

 Do you guys like our Netflix top picks? Have you watched any? What TV shows do you guys propose? Keep your eyes peeled for Part 4 soon!