Gucci’s Illustrated New Perfume Campaign Celebrates Female Coming-of-Age

Gucci has teamed up with 15 female artists to create to create designs around the themes of coming of age, friendship, and femininity.

Photo Credit: Emma Allegretti

The set of illustrations is part of the brands’ Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori fragrance campaign; each design reflects a style and interpretation of the luxury brand and what its fragrance means to young women.

Among the artists chosen is Polly Nor, whose drawing shows two female decked out in Gucci transforming into her signature demons with the caption “when you’re alone with your best friend…”

“This set of illustrations is inspired by my own friendships and the open, honest and often mischievous conversations we share when we’re alone together,” Polly comments.

Photo Credit: Polly Nor

The list of artists includes Phoebe Collings-James, who has contributed a series of watercolour images of a chrysalis alongside the text, “As my limbs began to multiply I soon towered over. Lips pressed. Tears burned my ears. My soul pounding. Before I knew it, I was here.”

Actress Rowan Blanchard, there’s a text-based piece written across a background of millennial pink and cassis buds which reads, “In my dream, you are delightfully suspicious of my words. You believe not in the flowers in which I try to colour them but instead in my hand grabbing yours back, and I really believe in how although I never really smile you still know when I am happy.”

The Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori fragrance is the second women’s perfume from creative director Alessandro Michele.