Pineapple and Chewing Gum Replace Leather For Super Sweet Footwear

Hugo Boss just dropped their new shoes, and you’ll never guess what their new “leather” is made of. Embracing the vegan movement, the new Boss shoes took everyone’s least favourite pizza topping and turned it into leather. 

That’s right, pineapple leaves are the newest material for Hugo Boss’ most recent design. But that’s not all folks, British company, Gumdrop, is about to release the stickiest of all shoes, taking chewing gum-stuck soles to a whole new level. Welcome, the chewing gum shoe! Not quite edible, but 100% futuristic, get your head around ethical footwear here:

The Hugo Boss exclusive collection marks the brand’s growing commitment to becoming a planet-friendly corporation. For the “pineapple shoes,” the brand collaborated with one of the most innovative companies in the textile industry, Piñatex. The Philippines-based company has found a way to turn pineapple leaves into leather for a completely sustainable shoe-alternative. The new collection of footwear will be available in four different colors: Denim Blue, Black, leather brown and cream. Check it out here!

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New Pineapple shoe by Hugo Boss and Piñatex. Image credit: Fashion United

Riding the environmentally-conscious trend, British company Gumdrop just released their innovative collaboration with shoe producer, Explicit, and I Amsterdam, with a line of shoes made from recycled chewing gum based shoe, the first of their kind. The shoes are available in both black and Bubblegum colour. Check them out here. 

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