6 Reasons Not To Hide Inside This Winter

The urge to hibernate is primal. We may not freeze into almost-solid ice cubes like wood frogs, or cease to use the bathroom like bears do in the winter (true story), but we are definitely more inclined to hide under a blanket somewhere cosy during the colder months. While there’s nothing wrong with occasionally staying at home and binge-watching Netflix, we don’t have the excuse of being actual, hibernating bears. But Sydneysiders fear not, we have the perfect antidote to the winter blues: 6 activities worth getting out of bed for.

Skating dating

Wrap yourself up in your warmest garb and take your date to the ice rink at Sydney’s Cathedral Square. Nothing screams romance like handheld skating and a backdrop of Gothic architecture. And if you’re concerned about a case of Bambi legs, just think of it as a reason to squeeze your date a little tighter.

If you’re over the Eastern Suburbs way, Bondi is opening a rink from June 28.


Image credit: City of Sydney

Sydney Film Festival

Forget about watching beige boxsets from your bed, Sydney Film Festival is offering the perfect compromise: indoor movies that don’t require a dozen layers of clothing. There’s a full rundown of the featured movies and documentaries here; we’re most excited about Spike Lee’s BlackKkKlansman.


Image credit: Ozanimate


No-judgement dance classes

Surry Hills’ fancy new rooftop gym,  Paramount Recreation Club, is hosting a judgement-free dance class called Dance Memory. The first is happening this Friday,  June 15 from 7.30–8.30 pm. 

Not just for the pros, the class is hosted by accessible dance school Groove Therapy and will focus on the connection between mind and body. Basically the best excuse to fit a bit of uplifting winter exercise in.


Mari Andrew

Looking for some creative inspiration? New Yorker author and illustrator Mari Andrew is coming to The School of Life located on Surry Hills’ Bourke Street. Hosting an intimate workshop, Andrew will share her life story and discuss her career as an Instagram-popular illustrator and now author.

Andrew’s first book titled  Am I There Yet?: The Loop-de-loop, Zigzagging Journey to Adulthood, tells an emotional and oft-hilarious journey of Millennial early-adulthood. Think dating, new jobs and moving cities. Many of the illustrations are exclusive to the book, but if you want to get a taste of Andrew’s pithy drawings, check out her Instagram.

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The best hot chocolate in town. (IMO)

We are the nation of great coffee, but nothing says “embracing winter” like a mug of hot chocolate. Koko Black (located in the Queen Victoria Building or the Strand Arcade) makes the best hot choccy in Sydney and will have you off caffeine before you can say “cup of joe.”


Winter book-worming

You don’t need a beach for an excuse to bury yourself in a book. When it’s deathly cold outside and your eyes are fuzzy from excessive screentime, reading is the ideal activity. Glebe has a three-storey second-hand bookshop that houses more books than you could possibly imagine. Browse through the collection and get inspired – there’s never been a better time to reboot a positive hobby.

You can find Sappho Books on Glebe Point Road in Glebe.

What will you be doing this Sydney winter? Let us know in the comments below!