Rising New Zealand Pop Singer Thomston Releases New Single “Acid Rain”

From internet stardom to recording artist, solo singer and producer Thomston has returned to the music scene with extraordinary pop-gospel single “Acid Rain”. This is the first taste of the New Zealand native’s solo career after a two-year-long break since his 2016 debut album Topograph.

“Acid Rain” is a masterclass in simplicity. Thomston’s flawless vocals accompanied with steadily paced guitar picking sets the tone for the left-centred pop hit; a concept that New Zeland artists are becoming tethered to. As the song escalates to a gospel choir infused melody, it’s clear the 22-year-old exhibits obvious growth and maturity since his premiere EP. On his first record, the singer says:

My first record sounded like letting yourself wallow in self-pity; Acid Rain sounds like letting it go,” 
Courtesy of Warner Music Australia

The accompanying music video, directed by Nima Nabili Rad (Young Black Youth), perfectly captures Thomston’s commanding presence as a solo performer. Shot on a deserted beach, a black-clad Thomston walks along the whitewash as remarkable aerial shots track his staggering movement.  Incorporating the well-loved aesthetic of Nineties home video, the pixelated static cuts through the serenity with a retro edge.

Fans from all over the globe have already fallen in love with the track and the music video, and it’s no surprise given the mass of his ever-growing fan base. With over 60 million streams online, Thomston’s music has been globally adored since his experimental EPs launched back in 2014. Now over four years later, Thomston possesses an advanced repertoire of bolder songwriting skills and ability to transcend genre, proving an extension of his talent rather than re-invention.

If “Acid Rain” (possibly the best song of Thomston’s career),  marks the beginning of a new era of enlightenment, I’m certain promising things are coming from the young creative.

Check out the stunning music video here.