These Nineties Tribute Instagram Accounts Are Your New Obsession

In case you missed it, the Nineties are in. One of the last examples of era-defined style, that Moss-inspired grunge aesthetic has provided more sartorial inspiration than almost any other decade. While some ’90s trends have mercifully remained in the past, the best from tartan mini-skirts to denim overalls remain very much alive in our favourite Nineties sitcoms, and now, our favourite Instagram accounts. Meticulously researched, obsessively documented and hilariously executed, here are four of the best Nineties-inspired Instagram accounts that will feed your obsession for the decade. 

@whatfranwore (fran fine fashion)

From 1993-1999, Fran was the nanny from Queens (cue theme song) with undeniable, and now famous, flair and style. @whatfranwore has accumulated an impressive 244k followers, all worshippers of the iconic Fran Drescher – the nasal, former beautician turned caregiver for the Sheffield clan. Not a single episode didn’t feature an outfit to match her personality – loud and colourful. This account will tell you what Fran wore, which episode she wore it on, and where to hunt it down for the real stans out there who are hungry enough to own a vintage Fran Fine find. Even Yetta gets a few shout-outs for her timeless Golden Girls inspired fashion.

@everyoutfitonsatc (Every Outift on SATC)

The detail, oh the detail. With over six seasons, two movies, four women, countless boyfriends and the Manhattan shopping scene, this Instagram account has over 400 of the most memorable and most tragic outfits on SATC (please see Miranda’s notorious bucket hat jump-suit). The account’s curators apply their wit, fashion knowledge and extensive character analysis to every damn post, making the page consistently excellent and relevant. There’s scrutiny and praise, ingenious hashtags and comments from the real-life Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, making this page quite legendary. A tribute not only to fashion, but the revolution of sexuality that the Nineties celebrated wildly.

@90sperspective (90sperspective)

The name says it all; this account is drenched in Nineties nostalgia. A love letter to all things retro and vintage, expect a few posts of Audrey Hepburn circa A Roman Holiday era. Dedicated to its art form, the account even edits the images to provide a scratched, Polaroid effect.  There are over 1,000 posts to get lost in and a plentiful amount of Heath Ledger stills to fawn over. 264k followers and counting, @90sperspective is best for your favourite Nineties film quotes, rare promotional pictures for said films and candid paparazzi shots of those celebrity couples that break-ups still trigger the phrase “love is dead”.

@velvetcoke (Velvet Coke ™)

Film and television stills, overlaid with subtitles, have become increasingly popular on Instagram; in some cases, even providing a template for photographic art. The “whatever” attitude of our ’90’s protagonists remains very much relatable; think the iconic IT girls of Twin Peaks, Clueless, Girl Interrupted. @velvetcoke – the mecca of Nineties culture – plays tribute to these characters and their blasé dialogue, as well as the decade’s defining musicians and models. Although the account doesn’t go as far as giving well-structure humorous captions, as seen in @everyoutfitinsatc, its content has attracted over 366k followers. Whoever created this account has a knack for discovering the most candid and never-before-seen photographs that take Nineties lovers behind-the-scenes from quintessential movies, to backstage at a Guns ‘n’ Roses concert.

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In the deep universe of Instagram, there are no doubt hundreds, if not thousands, of other ’90s-inspired accounts to peruse. But if you’re yet to discover these core four, all we can say is, happy scrolling!

What are some of your favourite Nineties themed accounts? Let us know in the comments below!