Paolo Sebastian Drops New ‘The Nutcracker’ Inspired Collection

Designer Paolo Sebastian turns Australian winter into a living fairytale fantasy with the release of the Haute Couture  Autumn/Winter 18/19 collection.

Photo Credit: Paolo Sebastian Official Facebook/ Simon Cecere – Autumn/Winter 18/19 ‘The Nutcracker’

Talented Australian Designer, Paul Vasileff, has dropped an Instagram gallery of his latest collection, heavily inspired by the ballet The Nutcracker. His previous collection, called ‘Once Upon A Dream’ and in collaboration with Disney, showcased a series of different character inspirations, with a dreamy colour palette and exquisitely detailed embroidery. Despite the wide array of pieces, the notion of soft femininity was still maintained.

The Nutcracker Collection contains pieces we’ve never seen from Paolo Sebastian: ranging from tailored coats and structured jackets. This current collection is nothing short of impressive, depicting a great marriage of The Nutcracker and a nod to the notion of a magical winter. So far, we’ve seen a gallery of garments varying from snowflakes embellishments, delicately draped georgette fabric and complex embroidery. 

Photo Credit: Paolo Sebastian Offical Facebook Page ‘Once Upon A Dream’ Collection

In comparison to the previous collection of the princess’ inspired soft, feminine concept, The Nutcracker incorporates an influence of a femme fatale, with striking wine coloured fabric perfectly draped against the body, enhancing the appeal of seductiveness. Combining unique silhouettes shapes and deep revealing cuts, it’s a grand leap from the preceding collection and we’re excited to see what else Paolo Sebastian has to offer.

As part of the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, Paolo Sebastian showcased the new Autumn/Winter 18/19 collection for the first time and will be launching the first Australian Show in Adelaide as part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival event in October.

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