Alice Springs Meets Hong Kong in Gucci’s Latest ArtWall

Downtown Hong Kong has been the latest in a string of cities to host jaw-dropping murals from Gucci’s collaboration with Artolution. The project entitled ArtWall brings the most iconic style of contemporary Indigenous Art to a country completely foreign to its own. 

Courtesy of Gucci

Artolution, the non-profit community based art organisation was founded in 2009 by collaborating artists Joel Bergner and Max Freider. Focusing on unity and assisting communities in need, Gucci, along with their partnered charity Chime for Change (founded by no other than Beyonce), are decking the walls of Hong Kong in time for World Refugee Day. A cause becoming increasingly more poignant and relevant, similar artworks have been showcased in over 30 countries worldwide, including the Rohingya refugee region in Bangladesh.

Featuring swirling rainbow snakes, enormous feathered emus, the flat landscape and rustic orange dust – these iconic elements of Indigenous art and culture are encompassing whole buildings in the city’s primary nightlife district of Lan Kwai Fong. Hong Kong now joins the likes of New York, London and Milan to display these contemporary pieces. The artworks origins stem from Alice Springs, where stories of connectivity and community among residents were shared to inspire local artists.

What do you think of Hong Kongs ArtWall?