Indie Electronic Artist Elderbrook On SITG and Life Post Cola

Coming off a stellar performance at this year’s Splendour in the Grass, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer Elderbrook (Alexander Kotz) found a moment in the midst of his national tour with techno-pop trio, The Wombats, to catch up with up with FIB. 


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With a new single out and still living in the dream-come-true of ‘Cola’ success, Elderbrook talked to us about his humble beginnings as an acoustic guitar player and now being recognised as a creative fusion of indie and electronic dance music;

“ I come from more of an indie background myself. I was playing guitar and singing and writing music, I just wanted to start recording it. So I learnt how to record guitar and vocals, and getting on with that. Then the more I delved into the production side of it, I realised how much I could do on my computer.”

An artist who found inspiration for his stage name from a Reggie Watts comedy sketch, the London based artist is enjoying his first trip to Australia supporting Liverpool’s resident electronic pop band, The Wombats. It seems everything comes around full circle, with Elderbrook telling us about his love for the band, known for mass hits including ‘ Let’s Dance to Joy Division,’ well before his own musical career even began; “supporting them is amazing for me, I was a massive fan when I was growing up, even before I started making music. They were the first band I ever bought a ticket for with my own money”.

Both Elderbrook and The Wombats were on the gargantuan lineup that was 2018’s Splendour in the Grass. Held in Byron Bay’s Parklands, the annual festival welcomed a jaw-dropping array of local and international talent. Gathering the most influential, celebrated and emerging artists ranging from Kendrick Lamar to Triple J veterans DMA’S, 2018’s festival may be the best line-up to date. Elderbrook performed on the coveted Sunday slot to a packed tent on the Tiny Dancer stage, inviting in the masses of glitter covered fans eager to expose themselves to a completely unique electronic sound.  “Honestly, it was one of the best festival experiences I’ve ever had,” Elderbrook told us “halfway through the set, more people kept on coming in until the tent was actually completely full right to the back, which was absolutely amazing.”

Praising the infinite genres all gathered on one giant patch of grass, the multi-talented performer is not one to confine himself to a specific genre or sound, something that the atmosphere of the festival experience exudes in his opinion. “ The nature of the festival: you have Kendrick Lamar next to The Wombats, there’s so many different kinds of genres, everyone’s up for good music rather than a dance specific genre.” He continued, “I don’t really see myself as fitting into a particular genre. Obviously, it’s electronic elements but then there’s the indie streak, it’s probably why I had such a good time”. 

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As I’m writing this piece, I cant help but hum over and over  “she sips a coca-cola , she can’t tell the difference yet.” The elusive lyrics stem from the insanely entrancing dance mega hit ‘Cola’. You’ve most likely heard the thumping tribal beat from duo Camelphat featuring Elderbrook. The track exploded in the 2017 charts and reached platinum here in Australia. Coming in at number 43 of this year’s Hottest 100, ‘Cola’s’  intoxicating deep bass coupled with Elderbrook’s conversational tenor continues to be pumped at house parties and techno clubs. Now reaching over 77 million streams online and celebrated as the ultimate dance track, the single was nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 2017 Grammy awards.

With his latest track ‘Sleepwalking’ released, Elderbrook described how the hypnotic, haunting effect of ‘Cola’ further inspired his own genre-bending sound. “It was the first song I after released after the success of that song. You can definitely tell by my vocal style that I’m kind of using that same vocal technique as I did in ‘Cola’. Whispery, slowed down”. Accompanied by the utmost psychedelic, entrancing music video oozing a pastel pixelated trip, the track is a progressive extension of ‘Cola’ that bends the constraints of classic electronic dance music. Achieved by harnessing complete creative control, Elderbrook has orchestrated an instantly recognisable and sensationally constructed track that has the immense potential to take dance track of the summer. ‘Sleepwalking’ is as mesmerizing as it is dark, sinister and sexy.

A versatile triple threat that refuses to be been pigeon-holed into one simple category, Elderbrook will be performing live at Sydney’s underground venue Oxford Arts Factory this Friday 27th of July, and knowing the crowd at the legendary OAF, the gig will definitely be a memorable milestone in his career;  “I’m just excited to play in Sydney; just my own show. Knowing I can go literally on the other side of the world and there’s that people are willing to come down and have a little boogie is amazing.”

Listen to his latest track ‘Sleepwalking’ here abc check out your dates for his solo shows below!

Fri 27 Jul The Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney**
Sat 28 Jul Capitol, Perth

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