Hærværk You Heard? The Highlight of Copenhagen Fashion Week

With the increasingly prodigious Copenhagen Fashion Week coming to a close, FIB wants to shed light on a brand that particularly stood out for us. 

Image Credit: HYPEBEAST

Hærværk, a Danish-born brand meaning ‘vandalism’ and somewhat recent to the industry, showcased their Spring Summer 2019 collection at the CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) for this year’s CFW. Describing the brand aesthetic to Vogue Italy as “raw, tactile, goofy and colourful,” lead designer Niels Gundtoft, who graduated from the prestigious Royal College of Art, began working on Hærværk after completing his degree. The designer, who once dreamed of becoming a musician, was awarded the ‘Only the Brave Award’ at International Talent Support in 2016, a platform for recognising and supporting young talents and brands.

Defined as a “young progressive fashion label” and cult, Hærværk is curated around the values of Danish upbringing: “freedom of speech, social equality, and creativity”. Gundtoft has taken ownership of these attributes and incorporated them into his designs, pushing towards the notion of adolescent rebellion: with this we see the SS19 collection come to life.

Image Credit: Copenhagen Fashion Week

As covered by Hypebeast, the collection breathes nostalgia, drawing inspiration from 90s gaming culture. Gundtoft incorporates all elements of Zelda, Pac-Man and Super Smash Brothers with a combination of adventurous earthy and neon palettes. The playful collection mimics teenage slacker style and game-like kit with beanies almost blocking the eyes, sagging trousers, and sack-like backpacks. The runway’s centrepiece held monitors playing Tekken – a Japanese fighting video game created by Seiichi Ishii and first released for arcades in 1994. See here for the full collection.

The brand’s sister company Buster’s Word, with a similar aesthetic, releases one piece every 30 days. The piece is available for purchasing only during this period. This is a trend we’re seeing more of with millennial fashion companies- eradicating traditional marketing tools within the fashion industry. The wave of limited product ‘drops‘ is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for collaborations. Traditionally linked to Streetwear brands such as Supreme (who have now adopted weekly drops) and Anti Social Social Club; we are now seeing collaborations with other brands and luxury houses stepping up to the trend such as Louis Vuitton, VLONE and Kanye West’s ‘Family and Friends only‘ collection.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of Hærværk’s collection, especially if you a 90s slacker yourself.