Eskimo Joe Continue Celebrating Their 21st Anniversary with ‘Inshalla’ Re-Release

The platinum-selling rock band are celebrating 21 years since forming in their hometown of Fremantle. 

Courtesy of Warner Music

If you’re part of the majority of the population who once fervently repeated the iconic lyrics “Black fingernails, red wine, I wanna make you all mine”  -in a seductively deep tenor, no doubt, prepare for some welcomed nostalgia. Aussie rock group Eskimo Joe giving their fourth studio album Inshalla the deluxe reissue treatment.

The Western Australian rockers have good reason to commemorate the past – it’s been an incredible 21 years since the bands formation. Hitting the milestone of 21 years always calls for celebration, and the three-piece rock group have began the party by reissuing their first two seminal albums, Ghosts of The Past and Girl. Unheard demos, b-sides and staple singles – the limited edition anniversary of Inshalla features the original track listing along with an additional eight tracks.

Released in 2009, arriving three years after the era-defining Black Fingernails, Red Wine, frontman Kav Temperly described in the official press release how Inshalla was inspired by a world not familiar with their own: “Instead of stories about life in Fremantle, our stories were now written sitting in El Fishawy Cafe in the old market place in Cairo, or walking around Soho in New York; places where we were always strangers.” The special new format of the Aria chart-topping album is now available for purchase online and in vibrant orange vinyl for those who actually own a record player. I’m jealous. 

What’s an album reissue without a national tour head? Load up on that red wine, paint on some black nail polish and check out tour dates here.

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