FIB’s Places That Pulse: Series Opening

Sydney’s Nightculture is not dead, not yet. But that’s not to say it isn’t an ongoing struggle, what with the crazy Lockout Laws, the over zealous policing and endlessly overlapping regulatory bodies, otherwise known ‘s the NSW “NannyState”. FIB’s new series ‘PLACES WITH A PULSE, celebrates the bold visionaries who have refused to fall victim to the Government’s “Nanny State” harassment, and who continue to shine brightly.

Our new film series shines a light on the most innovative hospitality attractions in the post Lockout Sydney scene. The coolest bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, Festivals. Where we meet the venue pioneers and operators who have refused to let the NSW State Lawmakers stymy their passion and creativity. This is all about celebrating innovation, and resilience . The things that have kept the Sydney hospitality scene thriving when hundreds of quality venues have been forced to close.


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Editor: Stefan Varvaressos-Abd

Author: Paul G Roberts

Narration: Imogen Clyde-Smith