After The Lockouts

AFTER THE LOCKOUTS is a special feature film by Paul G Roberts and Fashion Industry Broadcast / Style Planet TV. It explores the many devastating effects that the LOCKOUT LAWS have had on the night culture and overall vibrancy of Sydney.

Shot across Sydney, Melbourne, and various cities in Europe, and also NYC it provides a thought provoking expose on the role of Government law making and its impact on culture and civil liberties.

The film goes looking for the truth, and leaves no stone unturned in its quest to cut through the emotion, misinformation and vested interests. This search uncovers that there is a battle going for the very soul of Sydney, a city who’s Nightlife at the time of the 2000 Olympics was the envy of every world class modern metropolis.

Now the once legendary social precincts of Kings Cross and Bohemian Oxford St’s are ghost towns at night, and the NSW Government’s installed “Nanny State” gives its citizens a curfew when they need to be in bed by. And despite the gallant efforts of Keep Sydney Open, there is no indication that a correction can be expected any time soon.

Not content to just record and observe the issues, this film proposes a brave alternative to curfews on hospitality venues. An alternative that is designed to champion the value of culture, the arts, social liberties, and defines a real set of strategies and initiatives to keep Sydney both safe and vibrant at night.


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Entrepreneur: Paul G Roberts

Creative Director: Andrew Ostrom