I Bless the Rains Down in Byron: Toto Initiated as the Latest Meme Act

Hearing the entirety of cooked festival punters scream out “I BLESS THE RAINS DOWN IN AFRICA” will be a welcomed treat for Byron locals.

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After a wave of fake posters featuring a hilarious assortment of incorrectly spelled band names and artists, the official line-up for the annual 2018/2019 Falls Festival in Byron Bay was released this week. There was one act in particular that has been dubbed as the meme act. An act that has one celebrated song turned mega anthem, and has sent the internet into absolute chaos and bewilderment. That’s right, Falls has recruited 80s rock group, Toto, to hopefully play Africa for 40 minutes straight until the clock ticks over to 2019.

Toto’s recruit follows the beloved tradition in festival lineups of hosting a nostalgic performer, serving more as a fun novelty among an otherwise diverse lineup. These select few rare gems send festival goers into a spiral of disbelief at the idea of an iconic meme anthem being played live. Fair to say, many have lost their collective, figurative and literal shit over these artists.

Okay okay, a bit premature yes, given they haven’t toured the country in over a decade, but renewed fame for the group behind ‘Hold the Line’ and ‘Rosanna’ has triggered a whole new level of obsession for millennials. A band our parents once fawned over are now stumped as to why we hold so much admiration for the quartet, who are now well into their sixties. Toto’s surprise spot at Falls leads to the general incredulity found in this tweet. Behold:

Paul Kelly
Another Falls and Splendour in the Grass alum. Kelly’s illustrious career as Australia’s beloved folk singer-songwriter as well as an avid harmonica player is a meme in itself. Kelly has an endearing reputation of embodying the classic laid-back Aussie bloke, nestled with an acoustic guitar and a repertoire of radio anthems usually sung on public holiday barbecues. It seems Kelly’s love affair isn’t isolated to Splendour or Falls, as the artist’s own festival, named after hit song, “Making Gravy”, will feature Angus and Julia Stone later this year.

The Darkness

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Offering a meme act with more international flavour, glam rock group The Darkness performed at 2017 ‘s Groovin the Moo in Maitland. The band is known primarily for rock ballad “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” . They walk the contentious line of being absolutely adored for lead vocalist’s Justin Hawkins  high pitched range, and being attacked for the exact same reason. A one hit wonder, The Darkness remains as an enigmatic presence on our festival circuit.

Daryl Braithwaite 

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National goddamn treasure Daryl Braithwaite, an Australian performer classified as a legend for his 1990 single “The Horses”, played at this year’s Falls Festival as well as appearing at several Uni Bars to make the meme fantasies of 20-year-old’s a reality. To be frank, there isn’t another Braithwaite song I can recall without googling the singer’s name. This is the beauty of hosting the meme act. It only takes that one hit wonder, and “The Horses” is a wonder, to cultivate a mass of hysteria. Who can even try and fault “The Horses”?

For those already planning their outfit, planning the delicate arrangement of camping buddies and digging up sleeping bags for the event, get ready to imitate your best vocal rendition of steel drums and belt out “Africa” with the grandeur and passion it doesn’t need, but deserves.

What’s your favourite nostalgic act to perform at a festival? Tell us in the comments below.