HBO Plan to Open ‘Game of Thrones’ Filming Locations to Visitors

The show may be drawing to a close but sets built in Northern Ireland for Game of Thrones are set to be open for public visitation as soon as 2019. Winter is coming, folks!

Set of Winterfell. Photo Credit: Game of Thrones Wiki

HBO plan to keep the Game of Thrones spirits alive by turning some of the more popular filming locations into local tourists attractions across Northern Ireland. The ‘Legacy’ Project will allow fans of the show to visit locations used for Winterfell, Kings Landing and Castle Black.

Each location will have costumes, weapons, props and digital and interactive media on display to allow visitors and fans to have a peak at what it takes to make the world’s biggest TV show. Linen Mill Studios will also become home to a more formal studio tour and will display memorabilia from previous seasons of Game of Thrones.

“We look forward to opening the gates and sharing the excitement of stepping inside these amazing sets with Game Of Thrones fans from around the world,” said HBO vice president (Licensing and Retail) Jeff Peters.

The goal of this project is to encourage tourism in Northern Ireland. If the influx of visitors to countries like Spain, Croatia and Iceland (home of Dragonstone, Kings Landing and Arrowhead Mountain) is anything to go by, tourists will be flocking to the location of Winterfell, Kings Landing and Castle Black.

Are you already planning your next trip to Northern Ireland? Let us know which set you would love to visit in the comments!