Thomston Reveals New Single ‘The Heights’

New Zealand artist and producer, Thomas Stoneman, has revealed his new, uplifting single, The HeightsThomston’s new single is the latest addition to a very promising era that he describes the sound as being “self-assured and thriving”. 

Thomston by Cybele Malnowski. Photo Credit: Warner Music Australia

Thomston has released The Heights after what he describes as a “dark period” but unlike the past, this new single is an elevating and weightless tune for all the enjoy. Thomston says that his first record, Topograph “sounded like letting yourself wallow in self-pity,” but this time, he’s changing it up and embracing the cathartic and transformational nature of songwriting.

“This song is just as much about ambition, fearlessness and strength as it is about self-doubt, anxiety, depression and the fear of failure,” he says in a press release for the new song. “The Heights marks the point I was able to view the cynical, negative voice of self-doubt in me as a separate entity. I saw him as confused and uncertain, and in need of a friend and a pep talk, instead of a harsh/defensive response.”

Thomston has taken that strive for positivity and celebrated it on the new track with its self-assured lyrics and anthemic chorus. Thomston is showing he’s just like every other 22-year-old who doesn’t have everything figured out but, through his lyrics, expresses that he’s going to “turn the curveballs into something productive”.

The Heights follows Thomston’s well-received single from earlier this year, Acid Rain, which marked his first solo music release in two years. The single amassed over four million streams in as many months.

You can stream The Heights on Spotify and Apple Music now. Let us know in the comments what you think of Thomston’s new single.