Collaboration Between A Palace and Ralph Lauren

Twenty eighteen has been the year for collaborations, with some of the major ones being a Moncler and Valentino partnership and Puma’s linkup with Ader Error. The one that has drawn everyone’s attention is the collaboration between Palace Skateboards and Polo Ralph Lauren. 

Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren/ Instagram

Ralph Lauren’s Instagram page flaunted their new logo “Palace Ralph Lauren”.

So, what can you expect from these two iconic brands collaborating? Expect plenty of preppy button downs, featuring both the logos. It will definitely be a contrast to Palace’s previous streetwear-inspired collections with Adidas originals, Reebok and Nike.

Their logo appeared in three billboards in Tokyo’s Shibuya district and founders, Lev Tanju and Gareth Skewis mentioned that the collection was inspired by pieces that they had flaunted their whole lives. Quoting Tanju’s words, “It’s the only brand that you can wear to a board meeting, a funeral, and go to the football in — and all in the same day.”

Lev Tanju. Photo Credit: Hypebeast
Photo Credit: Business Insider

Partnerships between luxurious brands which are more youth-focused are becoming more and more common. Ralph Lauren announced a new strategy in June about winning over a new generation of consumers being the main focus and this will sustain the brand into have a long-term focus. This is an iconic moment for blurring the lines between streetwear and prep styles, making this a pinnacle moment for both the brands.

We would love to know what you’re expecting from the Palace Ralph Lauren collaboration!