The *Completely Serious and Not At All Ironic* Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Fashion month is well under way with designers from across the globe showcasing their wares for spring/summer 2019. While it can all seem a bit serious and la di da, fear not, for some wonderful people of the internet have crafted just the thing to give you a little break from the chaos that is fashion month.

As millennials love nothing more than scrolling through Instagram and finding a comedic and relatable meme, we’ve complied a list of some of the best Photoshop wizards and fashion irony experts of Instagram for your viewing pleasure. Hilarity ensues.


@siduations is an account that brings looks that are fresh off the runway to the beach, the subway and uh, the patisserie? Yes, this crafty individual puts runway models in situations hilariously fitting to the weird and wacky creations of some of the world’s best fashion designers. @siduations took J W Anderson’s nun like designs for some fun in the sun while deciding that some of Marc Jacob’s looks were perhaps fitting for Barbie herself. This account is sure to have you attempting to stifle a giggle in between shows.


This one’s for all the art directors out there. @dankartdirectormemes certainly lives up to the name, delivering meme after relatable meme exploring the all too real struggles of life as an art director. Aimed at a seemingly niche audience, this account will have any fashion industry obsessive unable to hide a smirk. If you’ve ever had a male model tell you about his new band or felt like making a request of a production runner was the equivalent of talking to a brick wall, this account is your cup of tea.


For fans of clever photoshop and puns, @freddiemade is the account for you. From Paris to Kanye, Beyonce to Britney, this page turns your faves into images that are as clever as they are hilarious; even Obama and Queen Elizabeth make an appearance, or two, or three. Turning well-known brands like Fendi and Kappa into side-splitting puns, @freddiemade will have you spitting out your diet coke. The frequent and frankly genius use of Meryl Streep on this account makes it a personal favourite.


Changing the fashion satire game, @tommylenk is a self-professed ‘fashun icon’, and rightly so. Imitating the hottest looks from the runway and the red carpet, Tommy transforms himself into Jessica Biel, Jonathan Van Ness, Chrissy Teigen and so many more. Also adopting #LenkLewkForLess, this account should always be your go-to for finding out how to construct a runway ready ‘lewk’ from a tablecloth and some duct tape.


@itsmaysmemes is an account that takes proportions to a new level, and to hilarious effect. Whether it’s ASAP Rocky’s extremely oversized shoes, Playboi Carti’s massive jacket or Justin Bieber’s gigantic hoodie, this account is sure to get you giggling. Kaia Gerber’s huge hair and Drake’s enormous vest are other highlights. In an industry often thought to take itself too seriously, @itsmaysmemes is a brilliant antidote.

We love a Meme Queen (and King). Tell us your favourite meme/ parody account in the comments!