Munro Melano Gets Political On New Single ‘Semi Spinning’

Melbourne-based song-writer, film composer and session musician, Munro Melano, releases the first single from his upcoming debut, full-length album.

Semi Spinning Cover Art. Photo provided by The Right Profile

Melano has previously released two independent EPs, Running Around and Blue Veins. After balancing three seperate day, night and weekend jobs, Melano’s deeply ambitious debut album is almost ready to be released to the public.

Semi Spinning explores a feeling most of us are all too familiar with; half standing, half falling. It’s relatable living in a world with the current political climate. That feeling can be connected to the emotions you feel when you turn on the TV and see just another catastrophic event, another crisis, more politicking from individual’s who are focused on more superficial factors than what it at hand. The single was written around the time that the Australian Prime Minister was toppled mid-term.

Munro says there’s one line in the song that pretty much sums it up for him: “Now you’re dressing up for dinners, and toasting to the mirrors. There’s no relief.”

Semi Spinning was recorded with long time friend and producer Yen Nguyen and was slowly put together in various Melbourne locations, including The Aviary Studio, St Charles recording Studio, Echidna studios, Yen’s kitchen and Munro’s garage.

“…that’s just how I tend to write – one line at a time that gets added to my phone over years and years, and then I get to a tipping point where I have enough for a song,” said Melano about his song writing process. “It’s like I’m collecting the pieces of the puzzle, and then when I sense that I have everything I need, I begin to place them together, fill in the blanks.”

Semi Spinning explores a unique sonic palette by combining a mixture of programmed and live sounds. Synthesizers and programmed drum machines are mixed with a live string quartet, grand piano and live rhythm section to create a unique and interesting sound. 

Melano’s self-titled debut album will be released in early 2019.

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