Get High Without Drugs: The Lucia N°03 Light Experience

The neurostimulator helps users enter a state of hypnagogia to offer the benefits of deep meditation.

Photo Credit: Lucia Light Experience

The Lucia N°03 light experience, invented by Austrians Dr. Dirk Proeckl, a neurologist and psychologist, and Dr. Engelbert Winkler, a clinical psychologist, is an experience that helps with awakening. It has the ability to help clear the mind and soul and allows people to reach a space of peaceful presence. This powerful experience has a positive effect on people and takes them through a completely unique journey. It flashes white lights at different frequencies as the users sit in front of it with their eyes closed. The visions that it produces has had a huge range of reported positive effects and benefits such as wonder, clarity, inner peace, relaxation, increased awareness of intuition, and a compassion that cannot be put in to words.

Dr. Proeckl explains that “you have an oceanic feeling… You lose a sense of your ego. Further on, you have people who say they experienced God, or met people who have died. One lady at the University of Sussex experienced all her life again. It goes beyond our concepts of time and space.” It helps individuals learn to let go of stressful situations, rather than resisting and making things even more difficult.

Dr. Winkler mentions that when he was younger, he had what he calls a near death experience: “I was lying in bed with my mother, suddenly it was if the wall opened and there was a tunnel. In the far distance, small creatures appeared beckoning me. I told my mother they were coming to take me. She panicked and told me not to look. From her reaction I panicked too, then lost consciousness and was sucked into the tunnel. Then it was hard to describe. Now I’d say it’s just the same as when you take DMT.” This experience drove him to study psychology and to try and understand the bizarre experience that he went through.

Lucia Inventors. Photo Credit: Lucia Light Experience

There are now machines available to buy all over the world, for personal and treatment use. In 2017, Proeckl and Winkler took four machines to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert and treated four people at the same time. Each individual’s experience and revelation was different as some were deeply relaxed and some felt more energised than usual.

“This is our point, to let go of our pre-formed understanding of the world,” says Proeckl.