‘Game of Thrones’ Premiere Revealed With Short Teaser Video

The end is near! HBO finally gives fans of Game of Thrones a hint as to when the final season of the hit show will be released. 

While most of us suspected that the new season would drop in April of next year, HBO confirmed that that will be the month the show will premiere for audiences around the globe. For us Aussies, that mean winter will be here, when you know, winter is actually here…

“There’s only one war that matters… and it is here”

Even though the teaser video doesn’t contain any new footage for the new season, the use of old material from past seasons was enough to hint at what we can expect as winter hits Westeros. Titled #ForTheThrone, the seventy-five second video highlights “Every Alliance. Every Risk. Every Fight” and reiterates to fans just what the show has been about the whole time.

HBO are just throwing crumbs at the moment and are slowly hyping up the final season of probably the best show to be created. Shortly after the video dropped, the official Game of Thrones twitter account also released a series of promotional images (see more below!). Expect to see additional teaser and promotional material over the following months. We can’t wait for an actual season 8 trailer.

If you’re feeling like it’s time to get a rewatch in before the final season drops, you better get started now. You’d have to watch around four episodes a week but #DoItForTheThrone!

Photo Credit: Game of Thrones Twitter

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