Places That Pulse Episode 11: FIB’s Favourite NYC Bars

FIB was lucky enough to spend two weeks in the Big Apple this NY Fashion Week and we couldn’t help ourselves to see what were the Places That Were Pulsing. We wanted to see how they compared to the Sydney scene.

In New York City, you pick bars based on moods. There’s the spot you go to when your fit’s on point and you want to flex on its stylish denizens. There’s the after-hours joint with a low-key ambience that pours a little heavier as last call nears. And of course, there’s the friendly neighbourhood watering hole—the kind of cozy, reliable bar that feels (and maybe smells) like the leather couch your family back home spent decades breaking in perfectly.

Our favourite bars range from all sorts of environments. One of them is a secret Japanese speakeasy hidden behind a secret door on a second-floor restaurant, another is a SoHo institution that’s been around for almost 200 years.

New York City’s bar scene is as eclectic as the people who frequent them—but one thing they have in common is they all serve variations of our go-to beverage: tequila.

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Editor: Milica Pavlovic