The Who, What, Why of Streetwear Style

Your Instagram discovery page (and probably feed) is full of fashion bloggers, influencers and WAGs showing off the latest street style trends but when it really comes down to it, what is characterised as true and traditional street style?

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Street wear fashion is a very broad term that defines particular styles and fashions that have originated from subcultures and individuals instead of styles and fashions that have originated from the fashion industry. The approach taken to put together an outfit that is categorised as street style falls to the individual wearing it, rather than what is necessarily trendy.

In its early days, street style was showcased through unique and identifiable accessories and garments. While this idea is still relevant today, there is a much broader range of subcultures. Thirty years ago, punk, hip-hop and skater subcultures were being represented but today, there has been the introduction and popularisation of subcultures such as retro, pop culture (anime and manga, for example) and casual (think sport style meets expensive designer clothing).

Instagram and fashion bloggers have made it much more a thing than it was before. Previously, you would rely on magazines to display celebrities outfits, but with low circulation and a small yield of individuals, it wasn’t as effective as social media today. Now, with Instagram, YouTube, etc. people from all over the world are able to see what is being worn by anyone and everyone.

While not all outfits would be categorised as the definitive street style, what people are wearing on an everyday basis is much more reflective of common culture and what we’re interested in than what luxury fashion brands show at fashion shows (even though some of them are adapting…). Style is also being pushed further and further and people are more comfortable wearing pieces that were designed for the runway in their everyday life (think Gucci, for example).

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