Netflix Announces Plans to Adapt Roald Dahl Classics

Netflix has announced that they will be adapting all of your favourites into family-oriented animated series’ under a deal with the late-author’s estate. 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda, Willy Wonka. Photo Credit: Mumsnet

The streaming service announced on Tuesday that they would be bringing old childhood favourites like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG and George’s Marvellous Medicine to the ever-growing platform. The agreement between Netflix and Dahl’s estate covers sixteen books.

“Our mission, which is purposefully lofty, is for as many children as possible around the world to experience the unique magic and positive message of Roald Dahl’s stories,”said Felicity Dahl, Dahl’s widow, in a statement. “This partnership with Netflix marks a significant move toward making that possible and is an incredibly exciting new chapter for the Roald Dahl Story Company. Roald would, I know, be thrilled.”

The announcement was made on Twitter early this morning and gives fans of the children’s classics a hint of what is the be expected.

Melissa Cobb, a spokesperson for Netflix, said: “We have great creative ambition to reimagine the journeys of so many treasured Dahl characters in fresh, contemporary ways with the highest quality animation and production values.”

Netflix announced that they “intend to remain faithful to the quintessential spirit and tone of Dahl while also building out an imaginative story universe that expands far beyond the pages of the books themselves.”

A variety of Dahl’s novels have already been adapted into live-action films and star the likes of Johnny Depp, Gene Wilder, Meryl Streep, George Clooney and Danny DeVito. Dahl is still a highly regarded figure in the world of children’s fiction and even has a day dedicated to the wondrous stories he created.

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