The City of Berlin Is Giving Away 1 Million Euros to Safeguard Its Nightclubs

Nowhere in the world is night culture held in such treasured esteem as in Berlin, Germany.

Nightlife in Berlin. Photo Credit: Business Insider UK

Berlin like all the major capitals of the world is attempting to navigate the effects of gentrification and urban development with its night venues, but where many Governments (like the State Liberal Government of NSW) give a free rein to developers, in Berlin, the Government sees the cultural value of its famous nightspots, and wants to help cover the cost of their soundproofing so they can co-exist alongside new residential developments.

The city sees club culture, techno, and institutions like Berghain, as something of economic benefit and a key driver of the city’s tourism.

Lines for entry at the world famous Berghain

According to Der Tagesspiegel, Senator Ramona Pop said: “Berlin’s club culture is known worldwide and a hallmark of our city.” As such, each club is eligible for a grant of 50,000 euros,  100,000 for “projects of extraordinary importance”.

As of February 2019, an independent jury of experts will begin meetings to choose who qualifies for the funding. Clubs will also be expected to pay about 10 to 20 per cent towards the overall fund to contribute to the renovation work. If for some reason the club shuts down in the next two years, they will have to send a refund to the council.

Looking at Germany’s attitude towards clubbing as a resident of Locked Out Sydney, it is depressing considering the fact that Sydney’s spoilsport government and police continue to assault nightlife, festivals, and culture in general. The same barbarians who recently allowed advertising for a horse race to be projected on the famous Sydney Opera House.