From The Convenience Store To The Catwalk: The Rise Of A Modern-Day Fashion Icon

It’s the age-old story. Boy goes to convenience store, boy tries stealing a packet of cigarettes, boy gets discovered by a top-tier modelling agency and finds himself jet-setting around the world.

Jordan Barrett. Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

Alright, so not that common, but certainly a reality for 21-year-old Byron Bay local Jordan Barrett. With an ever-growing social media following, and campaigns with the likes of Tom Ford, Versace and Balmain, under his belt, this Aussie supermodel is taking the fashion world by storm. His circle of friends includes names such as Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, and when you’re flying from Cannes to Africa to Milan on a regular basis, why wouldn’t you be surrounded by some of the modelling world’s biggest names?

While being notoriously aloof and private, the young model has stated that the never-ending hustle and bustle of the supermodel life doesn’t get him down, and the thought of being in a new city everyday hasn’t yet deterred him from this fierce and unforgiving industry.

Now residing in New York’s trendy SoHo neighbourhood, Barrett has certainly gained a name for himself on the party scene. With the level of media presence and ongoing monitoring in 2018, the 21-year-old is probably partying like any other 21-year-old would in that situation. However, being under the criticism of the public eye, such scrutiny has become a regular part of Barrett’s life. Celebrity culture, during this age of social media has placed a relentless amount of pressure on young actors, models, singers, and all those in the public eye. As opposed to those public figures in prior decades, nowadays every move is monitored by the media; everyone has a phone to record what the media don’t catch, and social platforms allow for an instant and permanent 24-hour news cycle. Being burned by tabloids in the past, Barrett chooses to remain quiet about his private life, and the ongoing chain of rumours printed regularly. But against all of that Jordan posts regularly on his instagram about what he is getting up to, and who he is getting up to it with.

So, what does it take to be a supermodel in today’s market? Social media certainly plays a large part in any model’s success, and notoriety. Currently sitting at 947k, Barrett’s Instagram count is increasing every day, which in a market so heavily saturated with ‘online influencers’ and ‘Instagram models’, it is an impressive number. An online presence is a key factor in any model’s career, with social media making-or-breaking the dreams of so many hopefuls. He’s got the icy feline look, he’s got the work ethic, and he’s got the online following; all the ingredients needed to cement this young professional as a force in the fashion world, and forge a reputation as a man of the moment.

Whilst he may opine the intrusion of the tabloids and paparazzi, clearly, he loves all the instagram attention he gets.

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