Instagram Introduces Voice Messaging and Steps Further From the Platform We Knew

Remember those days where Instagram was a simple social media platform where images were shared between friends? Before the days of social influencers and videos being supported on the platform… Some may say Instagram has changed for the better. Others may be confused as to why the instant photo sharing site has become so advanced.

Photo Credit: Instagram

The latest update on the Instagram app now allows users to send voice messages in direct messages. Much like the feature in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and basically every other messaging system, the messages will stick around for your mates to reply to at their own pace. The audio messages, which can be up to one-minute in length, can be sent to group and private chats.

The introduction of voice messaging, which seems to be the preferred method of communication these days, acknowledges that Instagram is the preferred application for a large group of individuals. The platform just seems to be catching up.

Users could argue that the platform is being clogged with Facebook’s features, with Facebook and Instagram having many of the same features (Stories, messaging systems, video and photo sharing). Are we getting to a stage where only one of the social media platforms are needed?

Do you think Instagram and Facebook are becoming too similar? Will you utilise the new voice messaging feature in Instagram DMs? Let us know down in the comments.