Our Most Anticipated Films of 2019

Well if you’re a fan of Disney or superheroes, you’re in luck, because 2019 looks to be a year flooded with live-action adaptations, superhero blockbusters and no shortage of sequels.

There are a lot of heavy hitters bursting onto the screen in 2019, so narrowing it down to just ten was a difficult task… But taking one for the team, I have compiled a list of our most anticipated releases for 2019. Apologies if you’re not a fan of comic book adaptations because they will be coming out in force. Let’s begin!


Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

So far, we have been given only a glimpse into this super villain origin story, but that glimpse certainly looks delectable. Though DC have been falling behind in recent years (essentially since the end of the Christopher Nolan era), I have faith in their latest psycho clown killer escapade. A face-painted Joaquin Phoenix terrorising the streets of Gotham City, sounds like a recipe for success to me.

Spiderman: Far from Home

Photo Credit: Animated Times

Unless you keep up with Tom Holland’s Instagram, or Jake Gyllenhaal’s very new Instagram, you won’t know much about the second instalment of Marvel’s web slinger. Filming took place in London, Venice, Prague and New York, and Gyllenhaal is playing Parker’s latest villainous foe, Mysterio. Yep, that’s about all I’ve got for you on that one… But it’s Spiderman, so you’re probably still excited anyway.


Photo Credit: Screen Rant

When M. Night Shyamalan pulled one of his classic Shyamalan-ian plot twist moves on us in 2016’s Split, people lost their minds. Turns out Split (warning: spoiler ahead) was a sequel to Unbreakable (2000), and Glass is a sequel to the both of them. Now, if you can wrap your head around that, then prepare yourself because Glass is set to have just as many twists and turns as its predecessors. Press for this film has been going on for months now, with the cast appearing at San Diego Comic Con and on Conan. If the fan reaction from those appearances are anything to go by, this film is going to kill it at the box office next year.

Toy Story 4

Photo Credit: Screen Rant

What is there to say really? It’s Toy Story! So far fans have been treated to two teaser trailers, which both look hilarious. Some new characters have been introduced, including a spork with pipe cleaner arms, along with all the classic 90s favourites including Buzz and Woody. Honestly, June cannot come soon enough!


Photo Credit: NewsDio

After the colossal success of Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast in 2017, it’s no surprise that the company is going ahead with yet another royal power couple. The teaser was exquisitely enticing and caused a collective chill down the spines of all 90s Disney fans. The music, the cinematography, the dialogue… we have only been given a little taster, but it definitely has us coming back for more.

Captain Marvel

Photo Credit: Disney Studios/Marvel

The first female-lead Marvel movie ever is set to be an absolute triumph. Brie Larson is taking the helm of Captain Marvel, a truly bad-ass lady, who is kicking butt and taking names. With a March release date, this granny-bashing, laser shooting femme fatale has given fans everything we need to tide us over for the next three months, including two full-length trailers.

It: Chapter 2

Photo Credit: Vital Thrills

The first chapter was…. well, terrifying. A new era of Steven King’s story was certainly brought to life in the 2016 remake of It. Now that the nightmares from the first film are just starting to calm down, Gary Dauberman is bringing us the sequel!  Set twenty-seven years after the first one, and starring some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader, horror fanatics have been given little indication of what will happen in the second instalment. The film will be hitting theatres in September and in that time I want you all to remember, if a demonic clown hanging out in a gutter offers you a balloon, or candy, or just anything really, say no and make a swift exit out of that messed up situation.

Star Wars: Episode IX

Photo Credit: Game Spot

Filling its usual spot of December, nothing more than the knowledge of this film’s existence, can really be said. There’s no title to speak of and like all those Disney gems, it will inevitably be tightly locked away until they decide to give us just one tasty morsel of information. Until then, there are always eight others in the series, and the spin-offs, to tide you over until December.

The Lion King

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios

As expected, the internet went into meltdown on November 22nd as the first teaser trailer for Disney’s upcoming live-action Lion King burst onto YouTube. The trailer broke records for most views in 24 hours for any trailer in history (That was until another little film popped up, but we’ll get to that soon). Containing a cast with enough stars to make up a galaxy and a hype that has been radiating through the web-o-sphere for months, The Lion King is a guaranteed success.  Jon Favreau must already be feeling that Hakuna Matata.

Avengers: Endgame

Photo Credit: Polygon

And last but not least, the latest instalment in the Avengers franchise, and undoubtedly the biggest box office success they will have (until Avengers 5). Endgame knocked The Lion King ‘s trailer views clean of the record shelf, amassing a record-breaking number of views in its first 24-hours. Even Thanos cannot snap his fingers at the hype that the film has garnered. Tony Stark is floating in space, Antman seems confused, Hawkeye is in Japan and Captain America somehow found the time to shave. Dark times are most definitely upon us, but I’m sure our heroes will band together and save the day just in the knick of time.

Let us know which film you’re most excited for in 2019 in the comments.