An Ode to 2018 Cinema

Hollywood wraps up another year of success,

So lets take a look back on some of the best.

So many genres, and so little time,

Let’s sum it all up, with a quaint little rhyme.

In case you missed a film or two,

Spoilers ahead, I will warn you.

Horror had a stellar year,

Hereditary made that abundantly clear.

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Halloween made its comeback,

A Quiet Place– wow, what a soundtrack!

‘Confusing’ sums up Annihilation,

Red Sparrow was received with hesitation.

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Moving on to action flicks,

So many to throw in to the mix.

Black Panther started the year off with a bang,

And The Avengers killed off half the gang.

Photo Credit: CNet

Tom Cruise returned for another mission,

And the Wasp in Ant-Man was a great addition.

The Incredibles were back in action,

And the Spider-Verse caused quite the reaction.

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Jurassic World was met with strife,

And Deadpool lost the love of his life.

Han Solo got a standalone film,

Fantastic Beasts was pretty grim.

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But action has had enough attention,

Time to give comedy a mention.

To start us off, we’ve got I Feel Pretty

A heartfelt film, but also so witty.

Photo Credit: Variety

Crazy Rich Asians was great, I’ll admit,

But Game Night was the standout hit!

Mila Kunis was dumped by a Spy,

And Mamma Mia left us all on a high.

Photo Credit: Variety
Photo Credit: Variety

Family flicks could warm even the coldest heart,

For that, we can thank a silly old bear to start.

Isle of Dogs was a quirky inclusion,

And the success of Paddington is a foregone conclusion.

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Netflix continued to dominate our screens,

With love notes, and set ups and beauty pageant queens.

To round out the year, there’s award season bait,

With Klansman, and conversion camps, and a girl in year eight.

Photo Credit: Chicago Reader

Bohemian Rhapsody was a smash hit success,

While A Star is Born left many an emotional mess.

Blake Lively asked a friend for a mere Simple Favour,

And Rocky and Creed’s vengeful nature won’t waiver.

Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

I’m sure there are many great films that I’ve missed,

But in general, I hope you have gotten the gist.

Enjoy the final days of 2018

What was your favourite film to hit the big screen?