Golden Features’ Woodcut Gets The Remix Treatment

2018 has seen Golden Features kick goals left right and centre.

His barnstorming debut record SECT enthralled critics and fans, with Triple J making it their feature album in July. Citing the gnawed edges of post-punk and Ed Banger royalty as inspiration, GF is a learned fellow. SECT’s lead singles Falling Out and Worship were lauded as the latter title suggests. Amassing millions of streams both domestic and international, GF’s craft is worship worthy.

Fresh for the pickin’ are two mouth-watering remixes of Woodcut. While keeping the spacious chords and melodic prowess of vocalist Rromarin, the reimagining’s of Woodcut add their own distinctive flair. Applying the ointment and lighting the candles are America’s Machinedrum and future pop Aussies Kult Kyss.

Machinedrum takes a step driven approach. A production master class, his chopping and percussive flair is exactly what packs dance floors right now. Though not one to overstep, Machinedrum has kept the vulnerable digressions that gives Woodcut its distinct charm.

Kult Kyss have created a progressive wonderland that builds and morphs with buzzy electro and blippy acid arpeggiators—their rendition getting deliciously ravey toward the end.

GF and his talented cohorts have come baring gifts, so treat yourself—it’s Christmas. Rave out your 2018 in style!