Lizzo Drops Pure Sass on Latest Clip for “Juice”

Like some meteoric diamond from planet 80s comes Lizzo’s clip for single “Juice”. Complete with evocative infomercials, Lizzo kicks in the door—leg warmers first—with guitar tones redolent of Prince or Rick James—perhaps a by-product, having actually brushed professional shoulders with the purple prince of funk. Lizzo’s raspy vocal bravado conducts a modern fem-dominance, slipping between staggered hip-hop and a chorus to make your eyes water.

Amassing streams in the tens of millions, this Forbes Magazine ‘30 under 30’ recipient has had a dazzling lap around the sun. 2018 saw her drop singles “Good as Hell” and “Truth Hurts”, luring crazed elation like some sassy Pied Piper—Lizzo’s message of self-love and assured positivity igniting audiences in an era unstable.

While most definitely a throwback, “Juice” is what happens when you lean on a trusted friend. You know they’ll support you, but there’s a point where you’ve got to have faith in your own strengths. Lizzo’s is an attitude provocateur, a voice of both modern technique and agency straddling the pizzazz of 80’s funk.

Announced on the Coachella 2019 roster and with momentum bigger than a Bootsy Collins riff, it seems this year will surpass one previously thought insurmountable.

Did you love the music video for “Juice” as much as we did? We can’t wait to see the show Lizzo puts on at Coachella this year.